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Class Schedule

*Please note in response to COVID-19, we are conducting all Sprouting Melodies sessions virtually!* 


Session Dates

Spring Session 2 2020: May 11 - June 27 (7 weeks)

July Session 2020: July 6 - August 1 (4 weeks)

August Session 2020: August 3 - August 29 (4 weeks)


Class Times

Time Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
9:00am Sprouting Melodies 3 (18mo-3yrs) Sprouting Melodies 3 (18mo-3yrs)   Sprouting Melodies 3 (18mo-3yrs)
10:00am Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 (0-18mo) Family Sprouts (0-5yrs) Sprouting Melodies 3 (18mo-3yrs) Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 (0-18mo)
11:00am   Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 (0-18mo) Sprouting Melodies 2 & 3 (6mo-3yrs) Sprouting Melodies 4 (2.9yrs-4yrs)


Unlimited Family Access

With your Sprouting Melodies registration, you receive unlimited access to all age-appropriate virtual classes! You can join as many times as you want throughout the week when you register for the session.

We also realize that families are all home with older and younger siblings in the mix. To make it easy for everyone during this time of Virtual Srouting Melodies Classes, we are allowing each registrations to include younger or older siblings. This means you can attend the Family Sprouts classes on Wednesdays as a family, and any age-appropriate classes for your younger or older child. If you have any questions about which classes are a good fit for your family, please reach out! We are more than happy to help you navigate the schedule and find the best fit!




Spring Session 2 2020
July Semester 2020
Spring 2 Tartt's
Class Descriptions
Show classes for:
Sprouting Melodies 1 (0-9 mos)

Even at the earliest stages of development, we know that infants are stimulated and comforted by music. Babies 0-9 months old participating in Sprouting Melodies 1 with their parent or caregiver will be participating in simple song structures that increase their awareness of themselves and others, nurture healthy bonds and develop trust with the world around them. And with all that we know about brain development in infancy, it is all that we can't see at this age that is so incredibly vital to healthy growth. The repetition of musical experiences designed specifically for your little one will lay the ground work for a life full of learning!

Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 (0 - 18 months)

This class is designed to incorporate both the earliest stages of development and the beginning stages of babies exploration. The music provides stimulation and comfort for younger babies in the awareness phase of development and active music making for 6-18 month olds in the trust phase of development. We will be increasing your little ones awareness of themselves and others and foster the building of trust and exploration through active music making and listening. This class is especially fun because we can see the growth of the little ones from 0-18 months old. The older babies have the opportunity to play with younger babies and 0-6 months old love watching their peers crawl, walk, and make music all around them. Sprouting Melodies 1 and 2 is a unique class where babies, parents, and caregivers learn and play together within the fun musical structure!

Sprouting Melodies 2 (6-18 months)

For babies and young toddlers, music is all about exploring! Exploring the sounds, the touch, the feel, and yes, even the taste of everything around them! The active music making and music listening in Sprouting Melodies 2 is designed to support 6-18 months old as they build trust and increase their understanding of the world around them. The engaging songs immerse the babies in the musical experiences and provide many new ways to learn about themselves. They also learn that they can control many things as they learn to make music independently with a variety of instruments including drums, maracas and bells. Socially, these young children begin to anticipate and initiate the play as they explore being in music!

Sprouting Melodies 2 & 3 (6 months - 3 years)

In Sprouting Melodies 2 & 3, building connections between younger babies and older toddlers while bridging the developmental levels of trust, control and independence is our focus. Each class includes active music making designed to elicit different responses from the children based on their cognitive, social and physical developmental levels. This class is a unique opportunity for younger babies to learn from the modeling of the older toddlers while engaging in music making that supports their development. Older toddlers will have chances for leadership, independence and exploration while engaging in the creative music making environment.

Sprouting Melodies 3 (18 months- 3 years)

Between 18 months and 3 years of age, each day is an adventure full of growth and exploration!  Songs become learned and mastered, and young children want to show off their new skills and independence. Within our music experiences, Sprouting Melodies 3 provides the routine that toddlers crave yet provides the freedom and creativity for children to grow in self-expression and to build social relationships with their peers in music. Through instrument play, movement and singing songs, children in this group will be supported as they move through their own personal journey of social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. 

Sprouting Melodies 4 (2 1/2 - 4 years)

Your child is growing so fast now and exploring new ways of playing, interacting, and making music. As young children develop between two and a half and four years of age, they need lots of opportunities for freedom, imagination, creativity and social play. With increased verbal, cognitive and imaginative problem solving skills, the children in Sprouting Melodies 4 will be “leaders” in music experiences as they explore and create a musical environment that fosters growth. In Sprouting Melodies 4, the music therapist in this group serves as a guide for their newly developed ways of playing with sounds, instruments, toys, their peers and their parents.

Family Sprouts (0-5 years)

All young children can learn and grow in music. Family Sprouts gathers kids and families together and provides opportunities for children of different ages to learn and interact together. In music making, as in development, babies, toddlers and preschoolers have unique needs. Each Family Sprouts class includes active music making designed to elicit different responses from the children based on their cognitive, social and physical skills. The Sprouting Melodies Provider (R) will be able to direct parents on how the experience for children of different ages will be unique. This is also a great class for siblings and twins and will give you lots of new ways to incorporate music in your family time at home.

Sprouting Sibs (0-5 years)

Sprouting Sibs focuses on each family unit, incorporating 2+ siblings in each musical experience in the class. With multiple children in each family, this group supports positive sibling interactions through music. The sessions provide caregivers with lots of successful ways to bring music home to enhance sibling bonds and develop communication and play skills. Caregivers will also learn how to adapt experiences to make them developmentally and age appropriate for children of multiple ages. Children in this group will strengthen their bonds and connections with their parent or caregiver and their little or big sib.

Music Makers

Music Makers is an ideal program for children from 3 to 5 who are ready for more independent music making and who are eager to practice creating and controlling their responses in a group of friends and peers. Music Makers focuses on modeling positive and respectful peer interaction; constructive communication and social skills development in engaging and success oriented music play. Music Maker groups are inclusive so children become aware of the rainbow of diversity that exists in their community. Children learn about themselves while also learning about others.


5 Class Pass

Valid July and August, use this pass to attend any 5 classes throughout the summer.

Family Karaoke/ Open Mic

Participants will have the opportunity to perform on stage, choosing either karaoke or a piece accompanied by live music, or just listening to our great performers

Snack and Crafts at RMTS

Join us for a holiday craft!! 

This time we will be making:  decorate your own shakers or circle drum

Pre-registration is required, either online or by calling the office, 781-224-3300

Pricing: $15 per child, $10 for siblings; price includes instrument, crafting supplies and a snack


Tartt's Sprouting Melodies

This group is designed for the babies and toddlers that regularly attend Tartt's Day Care Center's where they participate in weekly Sprouting Melodies sessions with one of our board certified music therapists. Enrolling for this class gives access to the weekly Tartt's group on Tuesday's as well as any additional regularly scheduled Sprouting Melodies class. During these virtual Sprouting Melodies sessions, babies and toddlers engage in caregiver to child interactions. Parents and caregivers get the opportunity to learn songs that can be used while completing daily tasks like cleaning up toys, taking turns, and transition times. No matter what their age is, the kiddos get meaningful "social" time over the screen with familiar faces and songs that help create a sense of normalcy and routine.


Enrollment for an eight-week class | $220 |

Enrollment for a seven-week class | $195 |

Enrollment for a six-week class     | $175 |

Our classes are set up in eight, seven or six week sessions throughout the year. The sessions offer a varying schedule Monday - Saturday with 45-minute classes featuring early childhood group music classes for child and caregiver, songbooks, expert knowledge and care of music therapist providers, access to early development and music information, and inclusion in the Sprouting Melodies community of children, caregivers, and class providers. 

Discounts available | early intervention (15% off), siblings/twins (50% off), Repetition Reaps Reward (RRR) (50% off), early-bird, and prorating for late and abbreviated registrations. We also offer incentives to existing Sprouting Melodies for new friend referrals. Discounts are available one per child. 

Scholarships available | Contact our office for more information

Payment methods | AMEX, VISA, MC, and a pay by check/cash option

If you have questions about enrollment, pricing, or classes you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

Test drive a class before enrolling. If you wish to try before you enroll, you may test drive a class. Please note which class you are interesting in test driving and schedule your test drive visit today online or you may call the office at 781-224-3300.


 Sprouting Melodies Annual Membership 

Now offering families a way to stay connected all year long! The Sprouting Melodies Annual Membership starts from the date of enrollment and is valid for twelve months. Perks include pre-registration for the class of your choice, an instrument on your child's birthday and many more! Learn more about the savings and benefits here.