Guidelines and Policies



Welcome to our Musical Munchkins family.  Before you register for classes all parents are required to read our policy and guideline statement before registering.   Thank you for taking the time to read our important Announcements that should answer most of your questions. 


CLASS CANCELLATIONS -  Classes may be canceled due to teacher illness or inclement weather.  For closings or delays due to inclement  weather the day of class or the evening before, please log onto our website: or go to our Facebook page after 8:00 a.m.   If schools in your location are closed we usually will be as well, however,  if schools in your location are delayed, we might be delayed or cancel, so please check our website.  We will make every effort to reschedule lost classes at the end of the session. Please check the calendar schedule for the updated calendar.

We will also send you an email 

REGISTRATION – Thankyou for registering in our classes.  We are looking forward to making music with you and your child. A one-time registration fee for new students is included in the tuition unless otherwise stated. A minimum deposit of $100.00 is due when registering and the balance of payment is due a week before the start of your class. 

TUITION REFUNDS: Registration is on a first come, first served basis and classes tend to fill up quickly.  Please register early to get your first choice. tuition will only be refunded prior to the first week of classes. (credit towards future semesters may be issued in exceptional circumstances. A $30.00 service fee will be charged for returned checks

 CONFIRMATION -   Once your registration is complete you will receive an email from that confirms your class day, time and location.  If for some reason the class has insufficient enrollment, a change in time or day or start date, you will be notified before the class starts. 

MAKE-UPS -  If you miss one of your weekly classes due to illness or any other reason you may make it up in one of our other locations.  Go to the make-up scheduler on our website to schedule a make-up. You will find that on our front page under schedules.  Our class sizes are limited to 10 children, and we cannot guarantee make-up availability in every situation, but we will make every effort to accommodate you. We ask that you limit your makeups to 2 in order for everyone to have a chance to do makeups. If more is needed, contact me directly the night before by email to see if there is room.       Make-ups must be taken within the semester and may not be carried over to the following session.

ILLNESS -If you or your child is sick we ask you to please refrain from attending classes in order to ensure the well being of all of our families.  If your children or yourself have been exposed to a contagious ailment, please notify the office immediately so that we can inform the rest of the parents in the class.     We wash instruments and props, but, especially during the flu season, we encourage you to wash hands before and after class or use antiseptic wipes.

SIBLINGS – If you are enrolled in a class with your 1, 2 or 3-year-olds, you may bring a small baby to class for free. However, once the baby begins toddling and becomes an active member of the class , you would need to register your child at that time in class.  We offer family and friends classes, and we also on a case by case basis, allow siblings of different ages in toddlers swing and kids jamboree classes.
I understand that with school closings and holidays, you may need to bring your older child on occasion.  This is permitted.  However, we ask that you enroll them in the class if they will be coming every week.

PRO-RATE -  If you are joining late, we will be happy to pro-rate your tuition after the 2nd  class as long as there is room, otherwise You can make up classes that have been missed in any of our locations. Late enrollment fee: and additional $5.00 will be added to your prorated tuition.

HOLD HARMLESS- All registrants understand that Musical Munchkins and affiliates, including the location center in which classes are held, are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property, or personal injuries or illness. I release Musical Munchkins or any affiliate of the Center from any and all liability past, present, or future as the laws pertaining in this matter may allow.

RELEASE OF PHOTOS TAKEN IN CLASSI hereby grant permission to Musical Munchkins, LLC to use my photographs taken in class on its Website, Facebook page or in Musical Munchkins LLC   publication (s) without further consideration. At no time will the names of children be used.  I will make no monetary or another claim against Musical Munchkins, LLC for the use of the photograph(s)/video. I also acknowledge Musical Munchkins may choose not to use my photo at this time but may do so at its own discretion at a later date. If you do not wish any photos to be taken of your child, please indicate on the registration form in the comment section.  Thank you. 



Parents Participating with their Children 

  • The most important aspect of our program is that YOU participate fully with your child in ALL of the activities.  Besides learning important musical skills, we will also be developing important social, language, listening and focusing skills through the medium of music.  The more you participate, the more your child will gain from the class experience and the joy of making music!
  • If this is a new experience for your child; it may take 4 to 6 weeks before he/she adjusts to the parameters of the class.  Don’t worry if your child is not participating in everything, children have their own timetables and eventually, they will join in!  There are generally two types of learners: the observer and the active participant.  Parents seem to be most concerned about the observer child, during class they like to watch but will not directly participate in the activities.  However, your child does take everything in and will most likely sing, dance and do everything at home!  That is what’s important; we aim to make our classes a springboard for you to make music with your child all day long!

Guidelines for all Classes

  • PARENT PARTICIPATION: We ask that all adults fully participate with their children in classes. You will be singing, dancing and moving with your child.  Children learn best from role models, and you are your child’s best teacher. We also ask that you refrain from chatting with other adults during the class, so you can put your full attention on your child.  This is a very special way of spending true quality time with your child, and you don’t want to miss any of it.  We will give you ample time to visit before and after classes.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • CLOTHING AND SHOES: NO OUTSIDE SHOES PERMITTED in carpeted rooms or dance studios, bare feet, socks or dance slippers only. Please do not have your children wear boots or thongs in classes.  These can hamper movement and can be dangerous when running.   Comfortable clothing is the best.
  • FOOD, DRINKS & SNACKS: Please do not give your child food, gum or drinks in class.  No eating or drinking is permitted in the classroom, except in the baby classes.
  • THE CRYING OR OVER EXCITED CHILD: If your child becomes overly upset in class (crying or throwing a tantrum), you may need to take your child outside the classroom until they calm down, then come back to continue.  It may take several weeks before children at this age feel totally comfortable in a group setting and understand the parameters set in the classroom. Don’t worry; children have their own time tables.  Our experienced teachers will help you along with this learning process. Please feel free to talk to your teacher if you have any concerns or questions.
  • TOYS: Please do not bring Toys to class.  They interfere with your child’s clapping, patting and otherwise expressing the beat.  They can also distract other children in a class. This also goes for any older siblings attending class.
  • CELL PHONES: Please be sure to turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate.  If you need to take a call we ask that you step outside the classroom.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • DIAPER CHANGES: Please use designated changing areas only, if available. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please take soiled Diapers with you, or place in an outside dumpster.
  • THE WANDERING TODDLER: If your toddler wanders away from the group, try to gently persuade the child back to circle.  However, do not call across the room.  You may need to bring the activity to the child until he or she is ready to join us.

ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES for ‘Music for Young Musician classes Class without caregiver.

  • Separation is sometimes difficult; the teacher may ask you to stay for the first week and possibly a few weeks thereafter if your child needs you in the room.
  • Your teacher may ask for volunteers to help in the classroom or to be just outside the classroom to help children who need to go to the bathroom, or who need their shoes tied, etc.  There will be a sign up sheet at the beginning of each semester, thanks for your help!
  • parents of three year olds must remain on the premises.

Most of all, please SING, DANCE, LAUGH, CLAP, JUMP and HAVE FUN! My goal is nothing less that a wonderful experience for all.  If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Andrea Soberman (“Miss Andrea)

Thank you for reading our policies and guidelines.  When you go to the registration page you must sign that you have read and agree to the policies and guidelines set forth by Musical Munchkins, LLC. 
If you have any questions regarding such policies please feel free to call me at 845-8022311 or
Email me for New york - - Vermont Thank you.