I just want to let you know that we think you are the greatest. I am never concerned about the toys the kids play with in terms of age appropriateness and cleanliness. You always know just how to keep the children engaged, when I know I would be losing them. You are always professional, respectful to the children and yet you always know how to relate to the children on their level. It was a great class for Aidan last year when he was 4 and it is a great class for Kaitlyn at 2. I also must thank you because I think your class has helped improve Kaitlyn’s expressive language skills. She entertained my family at Aidan’s birthday party yesterday repeatedly singing the BooBoo song. We definitely will be signing up for the spring session.


I love that Miss Joanne includes every child and gives them a chance to touch her stuffed toys or her guitar. She gives the more laid back children just as much attention as the more outgoing ones. We love going to music class each week!

Happy Mom!

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am about Caleb’s enjoying your class. He is by nature a very sensitive and easily over stimulated child. We have done several other mommy and me music/gym classes, through all of which he remained clingy and anxious. So to see him so relaxed and confident in your class (at the risk of being a distraction I feel!) is really heartwarming for me.


It is with a sad heart, after many years of classes, Lucia is too old to be able to attend. We tried so many different music classes over the year, but I can honestly say that your classes have no comparison with the others. Lucia loves to come and when she is home she sings and acts out all the songs for the family to watch. Thank you again for the wonderful experience you gave to my daughter for her first approach to music, rhythm and dance.


You’ve been a big part of both Brianne’s and Caitlin’s lives these past 4 years! I believe their love and appreciation of music was founded here with you. They are both currently taking piano lessons, so their musical ambitions continue. Thank you so much!


Thank you for 6 ½ years of wonderful musically-inspired years with Olivia and Bella. I credit so much of their development and personhood to your instruction.