Look Up! Creators 9-12
Fleur Alys Dobbins
Zoom (location info)
Thursday, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
10/22/20 - 12/17/20 (8 weeks)


Look Up! Creators 9-12s is for your 9-12 year old who is ready explore the basics of lifting the character off of the page to "speak the speech, I pray you." This class will explore many classics (Biblical stories, Shakspeare, The Rose & The Ring and even medieval classics like Aucassin and Nicolette.) We will explore how to listen to each other, learn about self control, spiritual fruits (love, peace, patience, kindness, forgiveness etc), express our unique individuality, and learn what we can "take away" from our class time that will help us throughout the week. Developmentally appropriate rhythmic games, (a little more challenging), as well as improv, theatre basics and some light "writing in our own voice" are included.

Class size limited to 8. This is a 24 week program separated in 8 week sessions that may be purchased together or separately.  This a 1 hour class.

Note: Enrollment in this class is not only based on age but readiness. Instructor reserves the right move a student to Creators (I) if needed.

Upcoming Meetings
10/29/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 10/29/20 4:30 PM Drop-In
11/05/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 11/05/20 4:30 PM Drop-In
11/12/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 11/12/20 4:30 PM Drop-In
11/19/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 11/19/20 4:30 PM Drop-In
11/26/20    <None> Thursday (Thanksgiving Day - Thursday Classes) 11/26/20
(Thanksgiving Day - Thursday Classes)
12/03/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 12/03/20 4:30 PM Drop-In
12/10/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 12/10/20 4:30 PM Drop-In
12/17/20    4:30 PM Thursday Drop-In 12/17/20 4:30 PM Drop-In