Studio Portal Instructions

This is the link to obtain instructions in pdf format (if you'd prefer to download) on how to log in and use the studo portal: Studio Portal Instructions


Using the New Studio Portal

➢ Accessing the Studio Portal
          o To access the studio portal, go to one of our websites and click “NEW STUDIO PORTAL” from the main menu (3 lines on the top).
               ▪ Username: This is either your email address or your full name (all lowercase, no spaces) if Malena entered it for you. You can click forgot      username if you don’t know what it is.
               ▪ Password: You can click forgot password if you’re not sure what it is.

➢ My Account
          o My contact info: You can update your contact information from here, update your username or password, and opt in or out of texts and emails.
                ▪ Please note, if you disable emails or texts, you will not receive class reminders or announcements for important information.
          o Students: You can add a student to your family account from here and view current students listed on your account.
          o Enrollments: You can see all classes that you are currently enrolled in.
          o Schedule: You can see your upcoming schedule.
               ▪ Specify if you want to see the next 3, 6, or 12 months.
               ▪ Specify which student you want to see the schedule for, or leave it set to any.
          o Payment History: Here you can see any payments that have been made on your account.
          o Other Contacts: Here is a list of any contacts on your account. You may add another contact if you wish.

➢ Send Referral: From here you can send a referral to someone you know.
          o Remember, each referral receives $20 off with the first month’s tuition, and you receive a $20 credit as well!

➢ Class Registration: From here you can register for upcoming classes.

➢ Class Calendar: Overview of all classes we have scheduled in the current month.
          o You can register for open classes from here.
          o To see the next month, click on a date in that month at the end of the calendar.

➢ Schedule a Make-Up (weekly individual music lesson students only)

          o From here you can schedule a make-up. If nothing shows up, the system does not know you have a make-up available. Please contact your teacher to coordinate one that will work for you both.

➢ Student Forums: Here you can interact with others in the studio!
          o Post on a topic already there or create your own!
          o Current enrollment is required to access the forums.
          o Forums are moderated for appropriate content.

➢ Music Students Info:

          o Here you can find information and supplemental material/suggestions for your lesson type.
          o Current enrollment is required to access this information.

➢ Newsletters: See our most recent newsletters.

➢ Music Teachers: See information about our music teachers (including contact information).

➢ Homeschool Teachers: See information about our homeschool teachers (including contact information).

➢ Studio Calendar: This is where you can see our open/closed dates for the foreseeable future.

➢ Make a Payment (adult students, parents/guardians only): You can make a payment on your account here if you wish.
          o We use Paypal Pro to process all payments. 
          o You can choose to pay via Paypal or debit/credit card.
          o If you have any issues, please call Malena directly at (207) 590-0133. She can take a card over the phone if you'd prefer.

➢ Teacher Schedule (current teachers only): Here you can view your upcoming schedule.
          o Specify instructor, class type, and/or location

➢ Log Off: When you click this button, you are logged out of the studio portal.