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10/04/20 - 12/26/20 (12 weeks)


The Sew a Little Love project is a nationwide project consisting of quilt blocks with fabric replicas of hands. Participants will trace their hand out of fabric and will sew the hand traced fabric on to another piece of fabric. When participants register to participate in the project, they will also be given the opportunity to leave a comment on their registration page which will then be transferred to a special QR code to be read once quilts are completed. At the end of this project, the Creativity Shell plans to have 100 quilts and 4800 participants.  Each quilt is unique and will represent a certain topic, theme and/or group.  

Friendship Quilt: The Friendship Quilt is used to display friendship.  This quilt can be hung in locations such as schools, hospitals, businesses, airports or any other location that wants to harness the power of friendship.  By being a part of the Friendship Quilt, you are using your hands to show friendship to those in need. This quilt can also be hung in the school of the participating school if the school requests it.

This Friendship Quilt is Open to anyone in the community that wants to be a part of this project. Instructions on how to complete the quilt block will be included with the quilt block kit.

Please use the “Comments” section when registering to write your comments.  Please limit it to less than 100 characters and please use kind words.  The Creativity Shell cannot accept any comments that depicts hated or any inflammatory language.  Comments will be attached to a special QR code that will be added to your quilt block when we receive it back and it is being added to the master quilt.

To register for this quilt project, please donate at least $12 and you will receive a quilt block kit in the mail.  Once completed, please return quilt block to the Creativity Shell at 1580 #A Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX 77339.

This project is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Upcoming Meetings
10/24/20    TBA Saturday 10/24/20 TBA
10/25/20    TBA Sunday 10/25/20 TBA
10/26/20    TBA Monday 10/26/20 TBA
10/27/20    TBA Tuesday 10/27/20 TBA
10/28/20    TBA Wednesday 10/28/20 TBA
10/29/20    TBA Thursday 10/29/20 TBA
10/30/20    TBA Friday 10/30/20 TBA
10/31/20    TBA Saturday 10/31/20 TBA
11/01/20    TBA Sunday 11/01/20 TBA
11/02/20    TBA Monday 11/02/20 TBA
11/03/20    TBA Tuesday 11/03/20 TBA
11/04/20    TBA Wednesday 11/04/20 TBA
11/05/20    TBA Thursday 11/05/20 TBA
11/06/20    TBA Friday 11/06/20 TBA
11/07/20    TBA Saturday 11/07/20 TBA
11/08/20    TBA Sunday 11/08/20 TBA
11/09/20    TBA Monday 11/09/20 TBA
11/10/20    TBA Tuesday 11/10/20 TBA
11/11/20    TBA Wednesday 11/11/20 TBA
11/12/20    TBA Thursday 11/12/20 TBA