Uta Hagen Lab (Prerequisite Required)
Danielle Miller
virtual classroom- online (location map)
Wednesday, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
01/13/21 - 02/17/21 (6 weeks)

Through participation and discussion, we will explore truthful behavior under a variety of circumstances though Uta Hagen’s exercises and Six Steps of Character Development. Emphasis will be placed on turning an examination of a few minutes of everyday life into practical exercises that benefit actors and create more truthful moments on stage. This allows us to actually live through the circumstances of the play and the characters' dilemma putting ourselves into the role as the “I”. The artist is then able to articulate with precision “their” motivation, given circumstances, objectives, obstacles, and actions versus “the characters”. 

*Prerequisite Required- Must have completed level 2 Actor Prepares or by prermission of a director