Uta Hagen Lab 2 (Prerequisite Uta 1 Lab)
Danielle Miller
virtual classroom- online (location map)
Wednesday, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
03/10/21 - 04/14/21 (6 weeks)



As a continuation from Uta Lab 1, participants will expand their exploration of Uta Hagen’s Technique through direct application of the exercises to monologue work.  This will allow for an in depth discovery of character development which in turn will produce more truthful behaviors and effective actions.  Each student will be assigned a specific monologue from a published play that will simultaneously be paired up with an exercise from “A Challenge For The Actor”.  It is possible that each student in class will be working on different exercises, as exercises will be assigned based on the demands of that particular monologue/character.  Students will find authentic inner connections to the characters circumstances through the direct application of linking an exercise to specific text.  The exercises will be presented through the lens of their character.  Other skills that will be embedded within our work in Lab 2 include:  selecting beats, comprehending overall obstacles, choosing effective actions, the endowment of sensory conditions, transference, moment to moment, establishing previous circumstances, and layering conscious and unconscious behavior.  Class weeks will rotate between working on exercises and the monologue.  Both monologues and exercises will be presented in class for critique and then reworked multiple times to be able to explore and apply the feedback.  


Required Textbook:

A Challenge For The Actor --Uta Hagen

Upcoming Meetings
03/10/21    7:30 PM Wednesday 03/10/21 7:30 PM
03/17/21    7:30 PM Wednesday 03/17/21 7:30 PM
03/24/21    7:30 PM Wednesday 03/24/21 7:30 PM
03/31/21    7:30 PM Wednesday 03/31/21 7:30 PM
04/07/21    7:30 PM Wednesday 04/07/21 7:30 PM
04/14/21    7:30 PM Wednesday 04/14/21 7:30 PM