Fall 2019 CD
Fall 2019 CD

Song List

Can You Hear the Sound?
Hop Up My Ladies
Canoe Song
Five Little Leaves
Hey Diddle Diddle
Jumpin' Josie
Sometimes I Rise
This Train
Pinji Pinji Kasi
Rock by the River
Water is Wide
The Wassail Song
One Little Owl
Gypsy Rover
Hush a Bye Baby Bye

Vocals: Amy, Ian, Colin & Aidan Chin, Pete Pappavaselio,  Bill Spera, Taylor Hilliard, Kim Frigon, Kristen Paulson, Grace Sumner, Debbie Chasse, Igor Golger, Hiroko Kajimoto, Yulia Golger

Guitar, Balalaika: Igor Golger

Flute, Piccolo: Hiroko Kajimoto

Violin: Gray Gafarov, Farley Masterson

Bass: Gray Gafarov, Robb Simring

Percussion: Alex Garde

Ukulele: Colin Chin

Piano: Ian Chin

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