Music Together® Babies Only Class (0-7 months)
Stacie Levy Norris
Arthouse Astoria (location map)
Tuesday, 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM
01/07/20 - 03/17/20 (10 weeks)

Learn how to interact musically with your baby, and as you sing, laugh, and dance together.  This special babies-only class will help strengthen the bond between you both, and also create some lasting friendships with other new parents in your class. 

Help your baby discover their innate musicality in a warm, welcoming environment, that focuses both on the musical and educational part of baby development.  

Note: This Music Together® class is only for 1 session only, and is specifically designed for babies who are aged only a  few weeks  and must be no older than 7 months by the first day of class.  (If your child is crawling, or older than 7 months, you may want to try a mixed ages class instead.  Contact us for more info.) 

 Classes are 45 minutes long and use the same music as our mixed age classes. 

Upcoming Meetings
01/28/20    11:45 AM Tuesday 01/28/20 11:45 AM
02/04/20    11:45 AM Tuesday 02/04/20 11:45 AM
02/11/20    11:45 AM Tuesday 02/11/20 11:45 AM
02/18/20    <None> Tuesday (Spring Break, no class this week) 02/18/20
(Spring Break, no class this week)
02/25/20    11:45 AM Tuesday (Cancelled) 02/25/20 11:45 AM
03/03/20    11:45 AM Tuesday 03/03/20 11:45 AM
03/10/20    11:45 AM Tuesday 03/10/20 11:45 AM
03/17/20    11:45 AM Tuesday 03/17/20 11:45 AM