We love it when parents love us back...



  • It was amazing my son loved it
  • Really loved this camp - my son loved going to it, and put on a whole presentation afterwards everyday, where he would show us each and every thing he learned!
  • My son was thrilled to go each day, he loved it!
  • My daughter loved the class. She was excited to learn more every day.
  • I was surprised by the variety of activities that my child completed in this course. I loved that my daughter could enjoy playing with her doll but also learned science, it was such a fun combo!
  • This camp was exceptionally well-run. This was my 5-year-old's 3rd summer camp so far and based on his first 2 (which were run by very young, somewhat new-to-working-with-young-children instructors - let's just say, my guy [who is as young as a camper can be while still being eligible for the camps] failed to rise to those occasions, sigh), I was very anxious about how he was going to do... I had been planning to withdraw him from Wishes entirely for the summer & try again next summer if this didn't go well either - but the instructors here were so supportive that everything went fine. They ran the camp like any well-functioning classroom with an attentive and 2 experienced teacher, noting when younger kids are confused or feeling left out, sorting out discord among the kids (there was a physical altercation between 2 of the other kids that they handled with great professionalism), and although my camper here doesn't have any food allergies, one of my other kids does, so I'm especially sensitive to those topics - I was really impressed when from the moment we walked through the door on the 1st day, the instructors asked each of us if our campers had any food allergies (no other camp has done that so far!) 5 stars for how well Engineering for Kids camps are run!!! :)

STEM CLUB 2017-18

  • My son did this last year at Sunset Hill. He loved it and asked to do it again this fall!
  • My daughter did it at Oakwood last year (several sessions - they are all different) and loved it!!