Flex: Virtual Coding with Scratch
EFK Virtual Class (location info)
Mon - Thu, Anytime
08/03/20 (1 week)

EFK Flex Programs consists of 4 pre-recorded videos that students can follow at their own pace.  Videos will be sent via a link with a password.

What’s more fun than playing an interactive video game? Writing one! Video sensing allows students to design and program their own video games and then test them by interacting with the program via webcam. In this Scratch program, students create their own games, art, and musical instruments while exploring coding foundations. Get up and get moving with Engineering for Kids and Scratch!

Materials & Equipment:
• computer/laptop
• A webcam
• a mouse (recommended but not mandatory)
• Solid Internet Connection for watching EFK Flex Videos and accessing Scratch at (scratch.mit.edu) No
download is required, however you can download it if you would like to use it offline.
• All of these lessons utilize the webcam functionality in your web browser. If you’re using an external webcam, please make sure all necessary drivers have been installed and updated. The driver should install automatically when plugging your webcam into the USB port. If you’re having trouble connecting your webcam you’ll need to review the instructions provided from your manufacturer.