Flex: Virtual Kodu Kart Racing
EFK Virtual Class (location info)
Mon - Thu, Anytime
08/03/20 (1 week)

EFK Flex Programs consists of 4 pre-recorded videos that students can follow at their own pace.  Videos will be sent via a link with a password.

Race to the finish and create your own racing game in Microsoft’s Kodu gaming environment. From terrain design to enemy selection, students are placed at the wheel and given full control to design their own video game while exploring the foundations of coding. Kick your creativity in gear with Kodu Kart Racing.

Materials & Equipment:
• computer/laptop – PC only not compatible with Mac or Linux
• a mouse (recommended but not mandatory)
• solid internet access
• Download and install the free Kodu Game Lab at https://tinyurl.com/n5bsqyg