Flex: Virtual Minecraft Madness
EFK Virtual Class (location info)
Mon - Thu, Anytime
08/03/20 (1 week)

EFK Flex Programs consists of 4 pre-recorded videos that students can follow at their own pace.  Videos will be sent via a link with a password.

Minecraft is an expansive game that lets players design and create unique worlds with amazing structures Explore engineering concepts through Minecraft in this pre-recorded video series. This class will introduce students to potential & kinetic energy, electrical engineering through Redstone, chemical engineering through farming and more!

Materials & Equipment;
• computer/laptop, a mouse (recommended but not mandatory) OR Gaming Console
(PS4/XBox/Nintendo Switch)
• Any Modern Version of Minecraft with Creative Mode; or purchase Minecraft Java for $26.95 at
• Solid Internet Connection for watching EFK Flex Videos (no internet is required for game)