Virtual: Engineering in Augmented Reality (AR)
Hopkins Community Education (location map)
Mon - Thu, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
07/06/20 (1 week)


Engineering for Kids is partnering with REM5 VR Lab to bring you this new and exciting virtual camp! Students are introduced to different engineering concepts through hands-on projects, then apply the same concepts to create in augmented reality (AR). Lessons will cover aerospace, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Build and test your own rocket, bridge, flashlight and catapult in real life and in AR!

Materials & Equipment:

  • Internet access
  • Student kits will be delivered to the Community Ed/Parks & Rec office for parents to pick-up before the start of class (by Thursday the week before class starts). One kit/log-in/student per enrollment.
  • Students will need to provide the following basic supplies: paper, scissors, ruler, glue, tape, pencil, markers and other coloring materials.
  • AR capable tablet/mobile device to join the lesson and do the AR portion (iPhone 6s and up, iPad Pro, iPad (2017), list of Android devices here : Please email us for any questions.
  • A parent or responsible adult is requested to be on-hand at the start of each class to help with any technical difficulties
  • Additional free apps needed to be downloaded for the AR portion will be communicated before the camp starts.

Upcoming Meetings
07/06/20    3:00 PM Monday 07/06/20 3:00 PM
07/07/20    3:00 PM Tuesday 07/07/20 3:00 PM
07/08/20    3:00 PM Wednesday 07/08/20 3:00 PM
07/09/20    3:00 PM Thursday 07/09/20 3:00 PM