Virtual: Coding Club - Scratch 3.0 Basic Games
Hopkins Community Education (location map)
Mon - Thu, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
07/27/20 (1 week)

The Engineering For Kids CODING Club is going virtual! Coding helps develop your child’s creativity, problem solving skills, teamwork and technology knowledge in an engaging, collaborative way though fun and practical challenges. Each 4-day session introduces students to a different coding activity to develop 21st Century skills and bring authentic learning as students get to build something that they can share with family and friends. This class is for those who have not taken our Coding Club classes as students will keep in pace with the class. Classes will be taught LIVE by one of our EFK teachers via a district approved platform.


Scratch 3.0 has landed, so stay ahead of the curve with this introduction class. In Coding in Scratch 3.0: Basic Games, students learn the fundamentals of computer programming by seeing how to build their own games. Coding theory is taught through practical tasks, so students don't just learn how computer code works; they learn why it's done that way. Jumpy Monkey shows them how to simulate gravity in their games, or they can give Dog's Dinner a try to learn about collision detection. What's more, this new version of Scratch will also let you code and play games on tablets, and play the games you create on smart phones!
Materials & Equipment:
• Internet access
• Laptop with a mouse/mousepad and keyboard and camera, and the ability to join the live lesson (ideally a separate device like a phone, laptop or another tablet).
• A parent or responsible adult is requested to be on-hand at the start of each class to help with any technical difficulties