Jr STEM: Science of Superpowers
Eden Prairie Oak Point/Eagle Heights: Summer opens Feb 10 (location map)
Mon - Thu, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
07/13/20 (1 week)

The world of comic books is full of heroes, villains, challenges and triumphs — and the heroes need help! Ready to see just what it takes to be super? In this camp, students answer the call for aid by dissecting superhero skill-sets to uncover the science behind super powers. Through a week of hands-on exercises and projects, students fly alongside Superman, sling webs with Spider-Man and recognize the real-life heroes of our world.


Upcoming Meetings
07/13/20    1:00 PM Monday 07/13/20 1:00 PM
07/14/20    1:00 PM Tuesday 07/14/20 1:00 PM
07/15/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 07/15/20 1:00 PM
07/16/20    1:00 PM Thursday 07/16/20 1:00 PM