Coding Club: Creative Game Design
Edina Creek Valley Elementary (location map)
Tuesday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
01/21/20 - 02/11/20 (4 weeks)

The Engineering For Kids CODING Club helps develop your child’s creativity, problem solving skills, teamwork and technology knowledge in an engaging, collaborative way though fun and practical challenges.  Each 4-wk session introduces students to a different coding activity to develop 21st Century skills and bring authentic learning as students get to build something that they can share with family and friends.



Calling all future writers, artists, designers and game developers! Students in this collaborative camp enjoy storyboarding their games with character, enemy and plot development.

In this class, they turn their interactive stories and physical creations into a digital video game. They will use a special game board and blocks to design the characters, levels, and other art for their games. They then capture their creations using a tablet app where they edit and customize their game.  Students will walk away with a fun playable game for tablets, and invaluable experience with logic and programming.