Class Descriptions

Show classes for:
Lemonade Stand Kids

This class is the perfect introduction for younger Kidpreneurs and students who have no prior entrepreneur experience.  LSKids will learn how entrepreneurs come up with business ideas.  The program will also cover the what products and services are,  target customers, marketing and the importance of customer service.  Money smarts is an important of our programs.  LSKids will learn about saving and the difference between wants and needs.  They may be young but these are BizKids in the making!


Kidpreneurs will expand on what they have learned as LSKids and take their business to the next level.  Kidpreneurs will learn to turn problems into inspiration for their next business.  KidPs will learn to spot opportunities as they start or continue their business.  They will also learn about the importance of branding and marketing and how it affects a business.  Kidpreneurs will be introduced to new concepts such as labour cost, mark up, promotions , designing a pitch and many more!


KidPreneur learn important money matters as they learn to set goals, come up with a budget and savings plan.  This class is perfect for intermediate students as they would be apply classroom concepts in their business.   Who says business is boring?  These Kidpreneurs surely won’t!