Our Instructors
photo Adrian Martin

Instrument: Guitar, ukulele, voice, playing-with-others

Adrian Martin is a performing musician who has appeared in venues across the nation. He's been featured with blues guitar hero Lonnie Mack and songwriting legend Warren Zevon. He holds a degree in classical guitar, studying with one of Maestro Andre Segovia's prize students. He is an accomplished musician. But he was never a "natural" musician. His love for music has inspired him to practice and persevere. The unique perspective of a professional musician who never "breezed through " offers the student an understanding guide. All students have difficulties. Adrian helps guide you through the struggles while we celebrate all the progress you've made. 

His teaching experience includes working in public and private schools as well as running his own studio for fifteen years in Ohio. His philosophy is simple and can be summed up in the two questions he asks most frequently in his private sessions. 1) What would inspire you? 2) How 'bout if we have some fun today? 

Teacher's Web Site: Adrian Martin

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Anne Weiss

Instruments:  Guitar, Performance, Piano, Voice

Anne Weiss is a nationally-touring folk and blues singer-songwriter whose home base is here in Portland. She has performed and/or recorded with Dar Williams, Taj Mahal, Shawn Colvin, and many other blues, gospel and contemporary folk artists. She has been teaching blues and folk piano, guitar and vocals (both privately and at national music workshops) for over 15 years, working with absolute beginners to advanced students. 

Anne's teaching style is student-centered, building on the strengths and interests of each individual student. Some of the individual and group classes Anne has taught in the past are: Singing for the Vocally Challenged, Harmony Singing, Community Choir, How to Sing Blues & Gospel, Blues Guitar I & II, Guitar Tunings, Guitar Accompaniment for Folk Songs, Blues Piano for Beginners, and From Folk to Funk in 4 Easy Steps. 

Anne's approach is always patient, energetic and non-judgmental, earning her constant positive reviews from her students.

Teacher's Web Site: Anne Weiss

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photo Bob Howard, School Director-Community Volunteer

Instruments: Guitar

I have been a member of the Artichoke Community since I retired in 2010. In July of 2016, I joined the Artichoke Community Music finance committee to help our community find a new home. In September 2016, I was elected to the Arichoke Board and in February 2017, I was elected to the role of Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer. I serve in these capacities as a volunteer. I have been responsible for the financing, management and construction activities at Artichoke’s new location on SE Powell Street since we opened the store on July 27, 2017.  In our community, I also serve as the treasurer for my church and member of my church leadership council; the music director for Portland Tennis & Education, an after-school educational enrichment program for low-income families in St Johns where I volunteer teach beginning and intermediate guitar, and host an after school sing-along every week during the school year; and I volunteer as a mentor for the Portland chapter of Soldiers, Songs and Voices.  Outside of my work with Artichoke, I am an avid tennis player.--I served on the Sportsmanship Committee of the Pacific Northwest Section of the United States Tennis Association from 2011 to 2016 -- and, I am the editor of the Oregon Tennis History Committee Facebook page and serve on the Board.

I am fluent in French.  I was born in Houston, Texas. I went to High School in Omaha, Nebraska. After graduating from college in Texas, I completed a Masters degree in economics at Claremont, California and have stayed on the west coast of the United States ever since I left Texas in 1974.  I released my first solo album, "Sticky Notes and Warm Pancakes" in August 2018 available on CD Baby.  Most of the inspiration for the song songs were born from cues from the songwriting classes I took from Matt Meighan at Artichoke.

Webpage: One Black Shoe Productions

Questions about the School: Contact Bob Howard


Brenna McDonald

Instrument: Guitar

Brenna began her study of flamenco in 1997 with Martita Santiago (baile) and Jaime Woods (guitar) in Eugene, Oregon. Since then she has devoted her life to the study of flamenco, moving to Spain in 2003-2004 to study with Chiqui de Jerez and Jose Luis Balao and in 2008-2009 to study under Juan and Saray de los Reyes. Brenna started performing in 2004 with Solo Flamenco while pursuing her B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Reed College ('06). Brenna has performed and collaborated with Flamenco Callejero, El Cuadro Gallo, Madjaleo, Assa Flamenco, Tablao de Rosas. She is co-director and co-founder of Espacio Flamenco where teaches flamenco dance and guitar to children and adults and directs the professional performance company. She is a guest teacher at Center for Movement Arts where she teaches dance for kids ages 6 to 18. She performs regularly with the Espacio Flamenco company and Latin/Flamenco/Rumba quartet Seda.

More info at espacioflamencopdx.com

photo Brian Fergus

Instrument: Ukulele

Brian Fergus is a lifetime musician and music educator. His first experiences with music were in the late 1960s and 1970s, which found him singing in choirs, taking piano lessons, and playing the sousaphone and tuba in band and orchestra, and bass guitar in various rock bands.

While studying film at Penn State University, Brian discovered experimental music, which diverted his interest for the next thirty years. Brian earned his Masters Degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College in Oakland, Ca. in 1986, then immediately took a job teaching Electronic Music at City College of San Francisco. He taught at the school from 1987 to 2014 to over 10,000 students over the course of his career. So much could be said here about what a fantastic, rewarding experience it was to teach at CCSF.

In 2008, Brian encountered a fateful moment in his life.He had decided to get either a mandolin or ukulele to “play around with”. Well, he decided on the ukulele and he has never been the same! For the last ten years, Brian has shifted his musical focus to “all things ukulele”. 

In 2014, Brian stepped down from his job at CCSF to move to Portland, OR, with his wife Maggie and daughter Anais. He opened “Woodstock Ukulele Studio” in 2015, a venue for rehearsal, recording, and private and group instruction.

Brian is a third level certification graduate of the James Hill Ukulele Initiative.

Brian plays in two ensembles: “UkeFoote”, and “Fleffikon”. UkeFoote is a duo with Ubass virtuoso Borfus Wallaby; they do covers of mostly classic popular music. Fleffikon is also a (mostly) cover band, and features the aforementioned Borfus on Ubass and also Brian’s daughter Anais on electronics.

In addition to ukulele, Brian plays Ubass, standard bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, Theremin, and other electronic instruments.

links to the books:

Empire Music is the publisher of the James Hill Ukulele Method Series, Ukulele in the Classroom:




and here’s the link to Ukulele Adventures:


Carl Thor

Instruments:    Hammered Dulcimer, Piano, Music Theory

The hammered dulcimer is one of the world's oldest musical instruments, dating back 800 years or more. It is found throughout the world, from China to the Middle East, Europe and North America. Many people, upon first hearing the hammered dulcimer, immediately fall in love with its sound and may eventually want to learn to play it.

Carl Thor began playing hammered dulcimer in 1990 and has been performing, recording, and composing music since 1993. He currently plays dulcimer, piano, and/or mandolin with Cascade Crossing, Celtinalia, Hands4, and the Portland Megaband, as well as in other groupings for English country, contra, and Scandinavian dancing, as a soloist, and as an accompanist. Carl has accompanied the Portland Symphonic Choir, the Aurora Chorus, the Portland Lesbian Choir, and several other choral groups in performance of music for choir and hammered dulcimer by Malcolm Dalghlish.

Carl is recognized throughout the Pacific Northwest as a knowledgable, patient, and inspiring teacher. Over the last 25 years he has taught dulcimer in workshops at the Spring Hammered Dulcimer Rendezvous, the Chatter Creek dulcimer festival, and, prior to moving to the Pacific Northwest, the Prairie Dulcimer Club in Kansas City. He teaches workshops and private lessons at Artichoke Community Music in Portland, and group piano classes for Portland Community College (PCC). In addition to three years of course work in music theory and music technology at Clark College and PCC, he has studied dulcimer with Steve Schneider, Linda Lowe Thompson, and Ken Kolodner.

Carl brings a sense of fun and adventure, as well as a lifetime of musical experience with piano, bands, and choirs to his playing and teaching of the hammered dulcimer and the piano. If you have never played before, he will help you to get started making music at your first lesson, then help you learn more advanced skills and music theory along the way in future lessons. If you already play, he’ll help you to improve your skills, knowledge, and musicality. Carl is very responsive to the needs of his students and enjoys helping each individual student learn in a way that fits with their particular interests and works well with their own learning style.

To learn more about Carl and to hear some of his music, please visit his web site.

Teacher's Web Site: Talisman Music

Private Lesson Inquiry: Lesson Inquiry

photo Dan Compton

Instruments: Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Two-row Button Accordion

Dan Compton is a multi-instrumentalist performer and teacher with a deep knowledge of traditional folk music. He specializes in strings - guitar, fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin, and tenor banjo - as well as C#/D Irish-style button accordion. 

Dan has a strong background in classical guitar. He earned a Master of Music in performance from Lewis and Clark in 1983 (working with guitarist Ian Mitchell), and performed in masterclasses with Christopher Parkening, Michael Lorimer, and José Thomas, among others. 

Over the years, Dan has explored a wide range of guitar styles, from progressive rock, through ragtime, to traditional Irish dance music. Adept at both fingerstyle and flatpicking, Dan is also well versed in alternate tunings, notably DADGAD. He can guide students through the intricate solo styles of John Renbourn and Pierre Bensusan, the roots-based music of Mississippi John Hurt and the Carter Family, as well as the inventive backup playing of Micheál &?Oacute; Domhnaill and Gilles LeBigot. 

Dan stresses understanding technique, harmony, scales and modes, and other tools necessary to be a complete guitarist. But above all, he teaches students how to use their ears: to hear and understand what's going on in the music and to translate that to the fingerboard. 

Dan is also an experienced Irish-style fiddle player. His music is especially influenced by players and mentors like Kevin Burke, Matt Cranitch, and Denis Murphy. Dan is adept at other fiddle styles as well, notably Appalachian, Quebecois, and Breton. He studied violin technique with Kathryn Gray and Tina Alexander.  In teaching the fiddle, Dan emphasizes learning by ear, helping students to hear the structures and phrasing in traditional music. His students also explore in detail the ornamentation and bowing used in different styles, as well as solid and relaxed bowing technique, tone production, and intonation.  Dan takes a similar approach in teaching the mandolin, octave mandolin, and tenor banjo - with a special emphasis on plectrum technique and tone production, rhythm, and ornamentation. 

In addition to private lessons, Dan teaches the popular "Irish Session Class", which offers a unique setting for learning Irish traditional tunes on all traditional instruments, as well as the listening skills essential to ensemble playing. 

Dan currently performs with fiddle player Lisa Ornstein and box player Johnny Connolly, button accordionist Fran Slefer, flute-and-banjo player Mark Roberts, Scottish fiddler Jamie Laval, the poly-folk group Sprig, and the dance bands Jigsaw and The BFD. His most recent recordings include The High Caul Cap (with Mark Roberts), Session at the Cottage (with Fran Slefer), and The Magic Paintbrush (with Lisa Ornstein).

Teacher's Web Site: Glen Cottage Music

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Jason Alburger

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Bass

Jason is the lead teacher for the Artichoke's education outreach program with Youth Progress Association's Alternative High School.  He offers a balanced menu of Rock & Pop, Americana, Reggae, Afrobeat, Soul, Blues, Funk & Groove, flatpicking, improvisation, & beyond.  Lessons are primarily focused on breaking down & understanding the ingredients of a chosen song, recommendations on technique, & tips on approaching the desired sound for performance.  He provides lessons to students with a range of musical backgrounds, from absolute beginners to intermediate skill levels, including some advanced players.  

Playing & performing an eclectic variety of  guitar music for over 25 years he can confidently say, that he's still asking questions about it.  Although thankfully many answers to these questions have been unlocked for him by his musical mentors, he has found that having discovered so many answers on his own has allowed him to share his knowledge & experience with others effectively.  

His aim is to guide students towards discovery & away from pitfalls along the path to reaching their musical goals.  Let him help you explore the essential skills & techniques to play the music you love.

Lesson Inquiry: Questions?



photo John Richter

Instruments:    Harmonica, Guitar, Clarinet

John Richter is a retired teacher who taught at the Sunnyside Environmental School and led middle schoolers in song several times a week as well as the leading the Song Circle once a month at Artichoke. He is a singer-songwriter having taken several songwriting classes with Matt Meighan. His main instruments are guitar, banjo, saw and harmonica. His latest love is the harmonica and he is excited about teaching people how to play beginning folk and blues harmonica.

Private Lesson Inquiry: Lesson Inquiry

Matt Meighan

Instruments: Songwriting, Guitar

Performing songwriter Matt Meighan has taught songwriting classes at Artichoke since 2008. He is co-founder and host of the Hidden River Songwriting Camp each July, and of an annual Donegal, Ireland Songwriting Retreat. 

Matt's teaching approach is to create an environment where students' own wisdom is encouraged to emerge. "The goal is not the passing along of the teacher's knowledge, nor the passing along of anyone's knowledge: the course sessions are meant to provide occasions for individual insights and encouragement." - poet William Stafford. 

Matt earned an MFA in writing and poetics at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa Institute in Boulder.

Teacher's Web Site: Matt Meighan

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photo Max Tucker

Instruments:    Drums, Percussion

Max Tucker is a drummer and percussionist who moved to Portland from Brooklyn, NY in 2018 -- where he had been based since 2000. After receiving a BFA in Jazz Performance from New School University Max went on to play with many bands; most notably (electro-pop act) Francis and the Lights, (Afrobeat collective) Asiko and (psych-rock band) Dinowalrus. Tucker has played drums on 15 albums and toured/opened for artists such as Bonnie Raitt, David Byrne, MGMT and The Charlatans. Early on in his drumming career Max discovered his love for teaching when working as a music counselor one summer at Camp Killooleet in Vermont. His goal in teaching is to give each student the tools and inspiration to discover what kind of drummer they want to be.

Teacher's Web Site: Max Tucker

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Megan Cronin

Instruments:    Fiddle, Viola, Violin

Megan enjoys working with students of all ages. She stands by the idea that older students can successfully learn any instrument later in life and have a very fulfilling musical experience. She teaches private lessons in violin, fiddle, viola and composition as well as group violin classes. 

Megan began playing violin in 1994 and immediately fell in love with it. She has backgrounds in classical, bluegrass, folk, country, and rock. Megan has toured the country with folk rock bands and has been a studio session player in both Colorado and Oregon. She currently plays music with a wide variety of other Portland-based musicians.

Teacher's Web Site: Megan Cronin Music

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photo René Berblinger

Instruments:    Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Theory

I have over 30 years teaching and performing experience. My goals are to provide a solid background in music fundamentals, theory and technique. Even more, I aim to enable the students to pursue their OWN musical tastes and interests.  

Studied Musicology at Goddard College, Vermont. Took Classical Guitar studies with Sophocles Papas, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, David Perry, Bryan Johanson. Master classes with Michael Lorimer and Jose Thomas. Studied jazz, music theory and arranging with Frank Mullen.  Mandolinist, Radim Zenkl has been a friend and mentor for years, enabling me to explore the mandolin well beyond the basics and into the beautiful soundscape of Eastern European and Balkan music as well as classical and traditional Irish & American music. 

Playing 5-string Banjo has been a love of many years which included visits to the southern Appalachians to listen to and learn from the old players. Beginning in the 1950's I participated in weekly musical gatherings in Baltimore, MD, attended by Mike Seeger, Tom Paley, John Cohen of the New Lost City Rambers, Peter Streett, old-time clawhammer afficionado, as well as many others who were playing and collecting traditional mountain music.  I teach frailing, clawhammer and melodic 5-string banjo styles, as well as beginning and intermediate bluegrass. 

Private Lesson Inquiry: Lesson Inquiry

Sally S. Smith

Instrument: Mountain (lap) Dulcimer
Style:  Old Time, Gospel, Traditional Music in DaD Tuning
Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate  
Location: Artichoke Music

Music Bio: I love the mountain dulcimer! Although beginning my music experience as a vocalist many years ago, I become enamored with the mountain dulcimer while living in Ohio, where dulcimers abound. After moving to Oregon in 2005 I found no dulcimer players, so began teaching at Artichoke Music and through community schools in 2006. Since then dozens of folks in the area are enjoying my favorite instrument! Several other “old time” instruments have become part of my life, including banjo, hammered dulcimer, autoharp, as well as ukulele and piano, but the dulcimer reigns!  

As a certified music practitioner I began playing for hospice patients while in Ohio 14 years ago and have continued to this day here in Oregon. For this activity I find the mountain dulcimer the perfect bedside instrument. I studied music at Sinclair College in Dayton, OH, and incorporate that knowledge in my teaching.  

Private Lesson Inquiry: Lesson Inquiry

photo Steve Cheseborough

Instruments:  Guitar, Harmonica

Steve Cheseborough re-creates the blues, hokum and ragtime of the 1920s-30s, interspersing the songs with stories, history and humor. The author of Blues Traveling: the Holy Sites of Delta Blues and one of the stars of Last of the Mississippi Jukes, Cheseborough has the uncanny ability to turn any setting into a 1925 Mississippi jook joint. A cult figure, he has played at festivals, riverboats, jook joints, breweries and barbecues throughout the Western world. In his teaching, he works from the original recordings and tries to get his students to feel the groove with their hands and voices.

Teacher Web Site: Steve Cheseborough - Oregon Art Beat

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Tracy Kim

Instrument: Guitar and Ukulele

Tracy Kim is a Portland Oregon native. He started playing the guitar at the age of 8, piano at 10, and drums and bass at 12. Tracy then studied music composition and Jazz guitar at the University of Oregon where he received his degree in music. He has composed music for film(feature and short), commercials, multi-media, and also modern dance. 

Master teacher, Tracy Kim, has had over half a  million views on his popular instructional ukulele and guitar videos on YouTube. At Artichoke Music, he brings his personable and down to earth teaching style to the students live in the classroom.  Creating an ideal learning environment in a small group setting, Tracy can give you the tips and pointers, proper techniques, and complete understanding of the music that you'll be learning.  Besides that, you'll be jamming with others and having so much fun!

Tracy is also a highly sought after guitar instructor and clinician. He has 20+ years of teaching experience at colleges and privately. While still an undergraduate at U of O, he was asked to teach as an adjunct instructor. After teaching at U of O, he taught at Linfield College and at the Northwest Academy. Tracy is proud to say many of his students have gone on to become professional musicians, recording artists, and/or music educators. 

Most recently, Tracy has been writing, recording, producing, and performing music with different artists and in various genres. From his own power pop/rock songs with his band, The Janglies to co-writing and producing radio friendly country/pop songs by the Muriel Stanton Band. 

Tracy is honored to have worked with/instructed many of Portland's finest songwriters(such as McKinley, Pete Krebs, Ben Darwish, Adam Zwig, to name few). Usually playing either his trusty, twangy Fender Telecaster or his old Gibson archtop jazz guitar. 

In Portland, Tracy might be most known as a gypsy swing guitarist enthusiast and instructor. He can be caught performing gypsy swing music with his own trio or with Portland's favorite "Django" band, The Kung Pao Chickens. The KPC's have had a weekly Monday night gig at the Laurelthirst Pub for the last 14 years! 

Tracy is currently available for private music lessons for all styles and all ages ranging from: guitar(acoustic and electric), piano, bass, ukulele, mandolin, drums, melodica, songwriting, composition, and theory. Also, he conducts workshops in the style of Django Reinhardt; swing jazz ukulele; songwriting, and sight reading. He also occasionally does his own "school of rock", helping coach young musicians in ensemble performance, songwriting, and arranging. 

Teacher's Web Site: Tracy Kim Music

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photo Soldier Songs and Voices Team

Instruments: Guitar, Songwriting, Voice

Soldier Songs and Voices’ Coaches are a group of established songwriters and musicians, about half of whom are veterans. We have played a wide variety of styles and genres in our musical careers and have a broad range of skills to share. Our rotating Coach schedule serves to expose our vet participants to different perspectives and approaches each week and we are committed to the principle that everyone takes something new home from each session.

Group Website: SSV-Portland

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Chase Garber

Chase Garber is a Celtic harpist,  singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, OR.  Since moving back to the area in early 2018, he has been finishing up an album of original songs written largely on the harp and performing locally.  His songs, often described as "transporting" and "otherworldly", are dense, emotional, visually rich and deeply imaginative, employing musical and lyrical forms that create a genre all their own. 

Chase is currently accepting beginning Celtic harp students at his home studio in outer SE Portland and at Artichoke music.  He takes a holistic approach to teaching harp, focusing on technique, ear-training, sight-reading, music theory and arrangement, musical expression, improvisation, collaboration, and performance.  He teaches a relaxed version of classical Salzedo technique as pioneered by Portland harpist Elizabeth Nicholson, in addition to incorporating elements of classical Grandjany and Irish harp technique.  This prepares the student for a variety of playing situations and styles.  Additionally, Chase feels that the harp is a superior songwriting instrument and is excited to support others in arranging and writing for this unique and versatile instrument.

To hear examples of his harp playing and songwriting you can listen at Chase Garber - Bandcamp or his website chase garber.com.

photo Mark Bosnian, Associate Artichoke Instructor

Instruments: Voice

Multi-instrumentalist Mark Bosnian, vocal coach and inductee into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, leads the group in singing songs of many genres: Motown, Pop, Rock, Folk, Soul, Blues, Country, Broadway, Standards, and more. Sing the melody, sing a harmony, sing whatever works for you. Adults and kids are welcome–if you want to sing, please come and add your voice.

Teacher Webpage: Portland Sings

Private Lesson Inquiry: Lesson Inquiry

Tim Dawdy, Associate Artichoke Instructor

Instrument: Dobro
Levels: Beginning-Intermediate
Styles: Western Swing, Bluegrass, Jazz

Tim Dawdy is a Northwest Dobro favorite. You will find him playing Western Swing on Friday night and Bluegrass on Saturday Afternoon. Tim has formally studied Dobro with Michele Witcher, Greg Booth, Sally Van Meter, Phil Leadbetter, Orville Johnson and the late Maestro Stacy Phillips. Tim trained in steel guitar with Bobby Black, Joe Wright and Larry Behm.

He teaches basic and intermediate Dobro at Artichoke Music in Portland and his modern music studio in Ridgefield Washington. Most styles of music are taught, including Western Swing, Bluegrass and Jazz Standards. Private and group lessons are available.

Tim’s Teaching philosophy is simple. Teach the student a solid foundation of basic Dobro/Steel skills that will allow them to rapidly progress and have fun. His goal is to get you playing music with others quickly. 


Oregon Bluegrass Association Camp Dobro Workshop Instructor 2016, 2017. WAMA Bluegrass Festival Dobro Workshop Instructor 2017.  Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival Dobro Workshop Instructor 2018. Washington Western Swing Hall of Fame Gathering Dobro & Steel Guitar Workshop 2018.  (Featured in Masters of the Steel Guitar Performance). 2000+ hours of college level classroom in adult teaching. Experienced elementary school substitute teacher. 15 years as Training Chief of a large Suburban Fire District. 

Lesson Inquiries: Request Tim Dawdy

photo Mick Doherty

Instrument:  Hammer Dulcimer

Mick Doherty teaches private lessons and festival workshops for hammer dulcimer players from coast to coast.  He also directs the annual Hammer Dulcimer Rendezvous, a festival for HD players and teachers, which takes place over four days each spring in Sandy, Oregon.  

The hammer dulcimer is a wonderful instrument for exploring a great variety of music.  Mick has played for many square, contra and other folk dances over the years and enjoys playing American, Irish, French Canadian and other dance music, and is happy to work with students interested in dance music from various traditions, including folk music from south of the border.  Pop and jazz tunes often sit well on the hammer dulcimer, once we get them into a good key.  The modern “standard” American hammer dulcimer is tuned to play in the keys most often employed in American and northern European folk tradtions.  The “flat” keys common to jazz horns are not “native” to the HD, but the melodies often travel with aplomb, once transposed.

Mick is happy to work with beginning musicians as well as experienced HD players looking to polish up their dulcimer music.   Beginners can get started right away developing their stick control whilst learning the layout with some fun melodies and chord progressions.  Mick’s fundamental goal for all HD players is to address the challenge of learning to make a percussive instrument sing!

Having started out as a guitarist, Mick enjoys helping players accomplished on other instruments get comfortable with the unusual yet logical tuning scheme of the hammer dulcimer. 
Aside from his hammer dulcimer work, Mick is also a vocalist and performer on guitars, string bass, accordions, banjo, percussion and various sound effects devices.  Mick has performed for in ensemble and as a solo artist from sidewalks to concert stages in Anglo and Latin America, Europe, Japan and North Korea (really!)  He has been a founding member of several local bands, including the Portlanders, the Trail Band, the Cascadia Folk Quartet, Spud and the Snakeskinners, and Folk City.  Mick is a co-founder of the award winning Oregon Shadow Theatre, where he composes music, and performs as musician, storyteller, voice actor and sound effects specialist. He has composed music for film, theater and video projects, has taught songwriting workshops, and of course, many a hammer dulcimer workshop. 

Website:  nwdulcimer.com

Beth Wood

Beth Wood is an and award-winning poet and singer-songwriter who has toured the country delighting and inspiring audiences with her exceptional musicianship, intelligent songwriting, powerhouse voice, and warm and commanding stage presence for twenty-three years. Beth has released eleven solo albums, one duo project album, two books of poetry, and a collection of funny stories from the road. Beth’s poetry book Ladder To The Light (Mezcalita Press) is the winner of the 2019 Oregon Book Awards People’s Choice Award. Beth’s work has expanded to include teaching and song coaching as well as leading workshops at festivals, songwriting retreats and beyond. Beth lives in Sisters, OR with her loyal dog Bailey and is continuously writing and rewriting her artist’s manifesto. Beth has immersed herself in the northwest music community through her work on staff with the Sisters Folk Festival Americana Song Academy and as long-time host of the Sisters Folk Festival Sunday Community Celebration. Beth’s musical philosophy is that there are no wrong notes.

photo Gary Furlow

Gary knows recording and production.  He’s also an incredible musician who has donated his time generously to build the “studio” that we call “Cafe Artichoke.”  An eight-time Emmy Award winner, he’s spent my career writing, photographing, directing and editing television programs, promos and commercials. Along the way he’s had the privilege to work with some of the best in the business: ABC News, ESPN, NBC News & Sports -- and at some of the top stations in the country including KSDK in St. Louis and KGW here in Portland. Whether working as a cameraman, editor or directing and producing, it has been a diverse, rewarding experience.

Tracey Rose Brown

Instrument: Harp

Some of Tracey's performance experiences include with the National Ice Dance Theatre of Canada, 2 months touring S.E. Alaska and 2 months touring the Hawaiian Islands with a major cruise ship line, as feature harpist. She has played numerous private functions, for the Provincial Government of Alberta, Canada, Cross Cancer Hospital, University of Alberta, Road Scholar, Coast Plaza and Sheraton Hotels, and here in Portland at McMenamins and Waldorf schools.

Tracey began piano and voice lessons at 8 years, followed by guitar and harp. Her first harp teacher, after being self-directed for several years, was Kim Robertson, then there were workshop intensives in Wells, B.C., the World Harp Congress in 2011, Vancouver, Canada, and an Irish music workshop in  Donegal in 2018. She also studied several years at the university level on pedal harp. She has performed with Formolo Dance, master Sitarist Patric Marks, Canadian composer Roger Deegan, Canadian fiddler and producer Shannon Johnson, and locally in Portland with Irish style fiddler Erik Killops. 

Tracy's musical offerings as a teacher are harp fundamentals with a student centered approach that can be applied to most musical styles.  She, herself tends towards Renn dance music, Celtic, including from Brittany, light classical and original material, and she was employed at one time to play show tunes on harp.  She can teach either by ear or with written music, music theory for harp, and for those inclined, playing harp to sing to. Music samples can be heard at https://traceyrosebrown.bandcamp.com/releases.

photo Aaron Canwell

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Bodhran (Irish Drum)

Aaron is the founding member and front-man for the Portland-based Kindie band, Micah and Me. This band, made of stay-at-home dads, has been recognized as one of the top 5 children’s entertainers in Portland, Oregon by PDX Parent for the last three years in a row!
Aaron started guitar at age ten. He played a lot of Bluegrass rhythm guitar through high school and college. He bought a Selmer-style guitar with loan money in college and played gypsy jazz rhythm guitar in a slightly macabre band called Le Combo Diabolique. 
He played bass guitar in a Christian rock band for one year.
In high school he played timpani, receiving a standing ovation for his performance of Timpat, a piece for concert band centered around the timpani. He broke his arm during high school so he switched from timpani to trumpet for one year. 
He played the drum set once in a heavy metal band and many times in gospel trios.
He played the Bodhran in a contra band for several years.

In college he learned a fun muscle memory technique for quickly memorizing piano sheet music.
At age 40 he picked up the ukulele out of convenience because lugging a guitar, a toddler and a diaper bag to gigs on the bus was downright obnoxious. Now he has 25 ukuleles!
Aaron’s style of teaching is to find out what genre of music excites you the most, and then help you find the songs that match your ability in that genre. Once you are excited, the work of practicing becomes easy, and the music will continue to give back to you!

Aaron can teach on any of the above mentioned instruments, though he is most proficient on the guitar, ukulele and Bodhran.

Aaron charges $30 for a 30-60 minute lesson. Add $15 per each family member that joins in learning an instrument during the same lesson.
If you like Aaron’s style of teaching, or want to try it out, book a lesson here!  Book a lesson with Aaron
Follow his antics at: 

Artichoke Blues Jammers

The Artichoke Blues Jammers are a wonderful collection of artist that have met throughout 2018 to refine their chops and bring a monthly blues jam to our cafe!  Come join them!

photo Martha Stone

Instrument: Banjo

Martha grew up in Vermont, where clawhammer banjo was being played everywhere she went. She started by playing guitar, but as soon as she heard that infectious “Bum-Ditty” rhythm, she was hooked. By the time she was twenty, she was learning fiddle tunes, banjo tunes, songs, and back-up techniques on clawhammer banjo. Soaking up tunes and old-time songs and music as she traveled across the country, she listened to as many artists as possible to develop her own style of playing.

Martha has taught clawhammer workshops regularly at many music festivals, including the Wenatchee River Bluegrass Festival, the Tygh Valley Bluegrass Jamboree, and the Nashville Clawhammer Banjo Camp. She teaches individual lessons from her home in Cascade Locks, and thoroughly enjoys teaching both individual students and classes. She has been teaching her entire life and has transferred her academic teaching skills into music skills. 

“Martha Stone's knowledge of clawhammer banjo is vast, and her cheerful style of teaching makes it easy and fun to learn from her.  She is patient, and generous with her time. Whether you are attending one of her workshops or getting a lesson, you walk away feeling good and excited to learn more.”
 Nikki Clevenger


Pete Kartsounes - Visiting Instructor

Instrument: Guitar

An award winning singer-songwriter, flat picker, and cutting-edge musician’s musician, Pete Kartsounes is no stranger to life out on the road. He has spent over two decades bringing his smokey soul-filled voice and guitar to stages all over the world. After 19 years submerged in the Colorado music scene, Pete now resides in Bend, OR spending most of his days writing, recording, teaching guitar, song schools, and touring solo and with the dynamic act The Good Time Travelers.  Pete continues to push the boundaries of the eclectic world of acoustic music.

photo Cindy Schaufenbuel

Instrument: Harp

Cindy Schaufenbuel came to lever harp after earning a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She later became fascinated with the history of the harp in Ireland, and began to study the historical wire-strung harp of Ireland and Scotland. Cindy has twice attended the Scoil na gClairseach in Kilkenny, Ireland, the only annual harp workshop in the world focusing exclusively on the history and technique of early wire-strung harp. While living in Minnesota, she was a student of Ann Heymann for three years. As a player of both modern lever harps and historical harps, Cindy is interested in exploring opportunities for shared techniques and new symbioses among all small harps.

Teacher's Web Site: Cindy Schaufenbuel

Private Lesson Inquiry: Lesson Inquiry

Richard Colombo

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Music Theory, Songwriting

Richard Colombo’s life journey has been shaped by his love of music. He has been a full time musician for over 30 years, working as a singer songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, ukulele evangelist and teacher. The common theme in all his work has centered on building community through music. That focus led him to create and nurture Artichoke Community Music and the Portland Ukulele Choir in Portland, Oregon. His work with those two groups was driven by an overarching theme of “Everyday Music Making for Everyone” and inspired hundreds of people of all ages to come together in music. 

He has a natural way of making his students feel at ease, creating a comfortable environment where they can grow and push their own limits.  Richard’s approach is to focus on each individual student’s interests, while incorporating basic musicianship skills such as technique, singing, music theory and songwriting.

After years as a self-taught musician, he returned to Portland State University to earn a B.A. in music with an emphasis on classical guitar.  He has recorded numerous CDs of all original music, from instrumental to singer-songwriter. 

One thing is clear from Rich’s music and his life. He is unwavering in his belief that making music together has the power to heal and transform the human experience, create positive change in the world and build community.
For more information visit: www.richardcolombomusic.com.


photo Macdara Yeates (‘Dara’ for short)

Instrument: Voice

Please welcome and INTRODUCING!!!! the first member of the Artichoke Music Faculity based and teaching from a country OUTSIDE of the United States!

Dara is a traditional folk singer based in Dublin, Ireland with repertoire spanning traditional ‘big’ songs, songs of old Dublin dock workers, and ballads from the Traveller tradition. 

Born and raised in Dublin, Macdara is one of a crop of singers associated with the recent resurgence of young singing talent in the Irish capital along with acts such as Lankum, Landless and Ye Vagabonds.

Macdara has toured and performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and North America with acclaimed folk band Skipper’s Alley, as well as domestic singing festivals such as The South Roscommon Singers Festival, The Frank Harte Festival, and the Inishowen International Folk Song and Ballad Seminar. Macdara's credits also include a variety of collaborative projects including; My Father’s Kind, a suite of poetry and music with writer Dermot Bolger; and Are You A Button Man? an ongoing collaboration with the Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society, combining the stories of retired dockers with folk songs of the trade. 

As of 2020/21, Macdara is an artist-in-residence with the Centre Cultural Irlandais in Paris.

"A stunning, stunning voice." - Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh, Altan

Email: dara.yeates@hotmail.com

Tom Nechville

Minnesota’s Tom Nechville may very well be the closest thing the banjo world has to Leo Fender. For the last 30 years, he’s introduced revolutionary products like the Heli-Mount, the Cyclotronic Tone Ring and the Flux Capacitor to the world of the five-string banjo. He himself is a banjo picker and put his love of banjo in to building a better mouse trap...so to speak.  Tom has joined the Artichoke team and is thrilled to share his love of banjo with you.  If your wondering whose been playing his gear, here's a few testimonials from the Nechville banjo website:

The Dixie Chicks

"Greetings all, Keith Pilkington with Dixie Chicks here. how's everything? just to let you know, everyone (band/chicks and crew) is digging your product over the five Gibson's that we have out here. same electronics in all, and the Nechville is standing out big time."

Joe McGuire

"I have been the proud owner of a Phantom for about 5 years and there is nothing like it. I also play clawhammer and was thrilled to hear that you had an open back model (Atlas)...The banjo has a sweeter tone that any instrument has a right to have and plays like a dream.... Thank you for making such incredible instruments and for your fantastic innovations."

for more information check the Nechville banjo website

photo Nicolas Carter

Internationally acclaimed harpist Nicolas Carter charms audiences with the magical sounds of the Paraguayan harp. His unique performances integrate an extensive repertoire of Latin American harp music with storytelling, simple observations and reflections on culture, often with a hint of humor, to create a warm and inviting experience for audiences.  


Preston Howard Wilde

Instrument: Unilleann Pipes

Preston grew up in Northern California where he first heard Irish traditional music in the form of a Finbar Furey recording belonging to his father. This recording sparked Preston’s deep interest in the uilleann pipes. After several years playing whistle, flute, and Scottish bagpipes as a child, Preston began learning the uilleann pipes at age 17 with the help of Dingle piper Con Durham as well as the Pub Scouts, the local Irish music collective in Chico, CA. Preston now resides in Portland, Oregon where he frequently plays at regional ceilis, Sean-nós Northwest workshops and events, local sessions, and concerts. Preston has performed with Ensamble Galilei, An Irish Christmas, Cake, Alistair Fraser, Kevin Burke and many others. 

photo Zac Leger

Instrument: Guitar, Tinwhistle

Zac Léger has been touring and playing music professionally for over 20 years. He holds numerous fleadh competition medals on various instruments from both the U.S. and Ireland, including an All-Ireland medal on the Irish uilleann pipes. He has appeared on over a two dozen albums and has played, recorded and performed with the likes of The Border Collies, Irish guitar phenom John Doyle, accordionist John Whelan, Mike Dugger, Glen Road, fiddler Liz Carroll, west-coast trad favorites Molly's Revenge, Scottish fiddler Jamie Laval, Quinn and Qristina Bachand, singer Colleen Raney, citternist Joseph Sobol, Canadian alt folk legends The Duhks, the band Oisre (of which he was a founding member), accordionist Dave Munnelly, LA-based Irish-trad/Jazz fusion band The Brilliant Gypsies, and world-renowned finger-style guitarist Al Petteway. He has also toured with highly acclaimed stage productions like Women of Ireland, An Irish Christmas, Emerald Beat, Celtic Crossroads and Ireland: the Show (for which he has also served as musical director). In 2020 he toured as the guitarist with Ireland’s legendary Chieftains, and he currently performs with the Portland-based Welsh/Cornish band, Andrea Wild and The Bad Wolves. Highly in demand as both an accompanist and instrumentalist, he has traveled extensively, performing and teaching music all over the U.S, Canada and Ireland. Zac believes that anyone can learn music by ear and he patiently seeks to help students slowly break down pieces and techniques and untangle the “knots” in their own playing so that tunes and repetition are truly absorbed into muscle memory and leave a lasting foundation for building new musical skills and musical relationships with other people. Now based in Portland for the last few years, he is incredibly excited and honored to be a part of the amazing Artichoke roster of teachers! 



Skip vonKuske
Skip vonKuske is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, songwriter and recording artist. A classically trained cellist with a RocknRoll spirit, he’s collaborated on hundreds of recordings, is a co-founder of Portland Cello Project, and has performed as a solo looping artist “cellotronik” for the last 15 years. His looper of choice is the Boss RC300.