An Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Walts (All Instruments)
Tracy Kim
Artichoke Community Music: On-Line Class (location map)
Tuesday, 7:30 PM - 8:50 PM
08/05/20 - 09/01/20 (4 weeks)

This special introductory workshop is dedicated to the beautiful gypsy waltz style.  The Gypsy Waltz is a genre of music related to, yet separate from, Jazz Manouche. Django Reinhardt, the acknowledged master of Jazz Manouche, started his career in the bal-musette clubs of Paris before discovering jazz.Gypsy Waltz plays an important role in the Sinti community and understanding the heavy influence on the music of Django Reinhardt.

Taught by Tracy Kim, who has been teaching and playing this style for 20 years.  All Instruments and All Levels are welcome to join in!  Please note: Tracy will be demonstrating and teaching fingerings specific to guitar players, but the students will receive pdfs with standard notation and tabs.  Also, Tracy will teach the chords and the melody line, each phrase note for note, breaking it down very slowly and then speeding it up and putting it all together.  Learning these waltzes will open a new world of musical ideas, licks, phrasing, and technique for all aspiring gypsy jazz players!  Also, he will analyze the waltz in form, harmony, and motifs.

For this introductory workshop, Tracy has chosen to teach Bistro Fada(from the recent Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris), a beautiful and surprisingly easy(compared to waltzes) to play!

The second waltz(time permitting) is the beautiful major key waltz, Dolores.  One of the more popular gypsy waltzes often played by the likes of Stochelo Rosenberg, Romane, and other great guitar players.  This one also is rather friendly to play, even though it will definitely make a great lesson in technique, too.

These two songs have been especially selected by Tracy just for the beginner/intermediate players.  Learning these will greatly improve your musicianship and allow you better  improvise and to understand the sounds of Django Reinhardt and unlock many secrets of the Gypsy Jazz Style!   Check out the two songs here:

Bistro Fada: