Accordian Workshop: Exploring Swing, Surf and Other Styles
Doug Stickler
Happy Valley School of Music (location map)
Sunday, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Start Date: 09/08/19
Duration: 4 Sessions
End Date: 12/08/19

Doug Stickler will be leading a series of workshops for accordion players of all abilities.  For those familiar with the Palmer-Hughes method, they’ll remember how each song introduced new concepts and skills for the musician to learn and become proficient in.  These workshops will follow that same style, but we’ll cover some of the things Palmer-Hughes may not have touched on.

We’ll start with the Cole Porter tune “I Love Paris.”  The song itself is fairly simple, so we’ll be exploring the song and looking for ways to make it more fun and interesting to play.  That will include modifying some of the chords, adding chords to the right hand, improvising over the changes, and supporting other musicians when they’re soloing.

We’ll also take a shot at playing surf accordion.  Dick Dale was known as “The King of Surf Guitar.”  We’ll take his arrangement of the Middle Eastern song “Misirlou” and give it an accordion treatment.  Start now on building up those muscles needed to play repeated notes.

As time allows, we’ll explore other songs and styles and follow up on specific areas of interest that class participants may have.

There will be a short 10 minute break and also light snacks and drinks provided.

Workshops can be taken separately from the package.  Each drop-in workshop is $60 for the 2 hour session.  Please contact Tracy if interested in single workshops.

Please call Tracy Kim for questions: (503)236-8613

or email: