Intro to Ukulele (for the complete beginner)
Artichoke Community Music
Tracy Kim
Artichoke Community Music: Classroom Front (South)
Tuesday, 6:30 PM - 7:20 PM
09/10/19 - 10/22/19 (7 weeks)

Yes, it is true, playing the ukulele will make you and other people smile!  It might be the most joyful and easy instrument to play considering it's size, cost, and portability!

In this course, we start with the anatomy of the ukulele, how to hold and strum a ukulele, plus all the basics of uke tuning. Tuning a uke is very important, because they instrument can go out of tune quite easily.  Tracy will show you how to do it by ear and also with a tuner.

Once we are all tuned up, it's now time to learn to strum a few basic ukulele chords! With just a handful of chords, Tracy will teach you a few different strum techniques and rhythms to fancy things up.  Some very basic finger picking patterns will also be introduced this term.

Each week will be a new song with a few new chords or strum patterns. The group class will learn how to play fun classic to modern songs from the following set list (varies depending on term):

-Amazing Grace
-Blowin' In The Wind
-Brown Eyed Girl
-Let It Be
-Stand By Me
-I'm Yours
-Will the Circle Be Unbroken
-Somewhere Over the Rainbow(a la Iz)
-Hey, Soul Sister
-i've Just Seen a Face(Beatles)
-Time of Your Life
-House of the Rising Sun
-Norwegian Wood 
-Happy Birthday(yes, everyone should know it!)

Tracy will supply sheet music for the course.  He will also teach the basics on how to read and understand the music, chord charts, and tabs.  Once you understand these concepts, you can then begin to teach yourself!

Tracy Kim will be one of the featured faculty for popular Menucha Ukulele Camp in spring 2019.  He performs around Portland area on the jazz ukulele and jazz guitar, solo, duo, trio and big bands.