Home Recording: A Hands On Workshop
Gary Furlow
Artichoke Community Music: Cafe-Performance Space (location map)
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
09/14/19 - 09/21/19 (2 weeks)

As an artist, you will eventually want to make a recording.  So, where do you start? Can you do it yourself? At home?  This workshop will be held in Artichoke's performance space and will be lead by Gary Furlow, Artichoke's Production Manager and Chief Audio Engineer.   He plans to set up a work station and invites you to bring your home gear (laptop and interfaces, if you have them.  If not, we’ll show you what’s available).  The first week we’ll help you with setup and get you ready to record yourself to get the best result possible.  The week between sessions is for you to complete your recordings.  The second week at the workshop we’ll work on completing the mixing of your recording and explore options on how to add and enhance your recording. Beginners welcome.