Combined Ukulele By Ear Workshop Package
Jim D'Ville
Artichoke Community Music: Classroom Front (South) (location map)
Saturday, 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM
06/01/19 (1 day)


Take both workshops back to back and enjoy a reduced price for the combined classes.  Jim has combined the most popular elements of my Play Ukulele By Ear #1 and #2 workshops into a sleek new presentation which offers the ear a delightful journey through some of the most popular chord progressions in western pop music. This is a hands on, ears on, play along session utilizing super familiar songs. Once you start learning songs this way you'll never go back to simply playing from the book. And you'll learn that there is a chord associated with each of the seven notes of a major scale. When played in context, each chord evokes a certain emotional response from the listener. Learning these chordal relationships will open your ears to the chord progressions to millions of songs. This is the first step to playing by ear. Knowledge of finger positions for C, dm, em, F, G, am, bdim helpful. 

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