Youth Progress Guitar Class
Jason Alburger, Associate Artichoke Instructor
Artichoke Community Music: Classroom Front (South) (location map)
Mon, Tue, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
09/24/18 - 10/30/18 (6 weeks)

The YPA music class explores the fundamental elements of music & musical performance with aspiring students in a fun & spontaneous group setting.  The focus is placed on the individual characteristics & enthusiasm of the students.  No musical background or training is required, so whether a beginner or an accomplished player, the class is adaptive.  Students may adventure to a new instrument while also developing skills & adding experience playing a familiar instrument.  The class fosters a creative atmosphere that integrates the talents of each student for "jam" sessions, & lays the groundwork for a live performance that showcases the group.  The YPA music class is a rewarding & enjoyable group learning experience for any student enthusiastic or curious about music.


Upcoming Meetings
10/22/18    3:00 PM Monday 10/22/18 3:00 PM
10/23/18    3:00 PM Tuesday 10/23/18 3:00 PM
10/29/18    3:00 PM Monday 10/29/18 3:00 PM
10/30/18    3:00 PM Tuesday 10/30/18 3:00 PM