Jazz Ensemble and Introduction to Improvisation
Stephanie Cooke and Max Tucker
Artichoke Community Music: Classroom Back (North) (location map)
Thursday, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
09/10/18 - 10/25/18 (7 weeks)

This is a 6 week introductory course to the basics of jazz and blues improvisation in a jazz combo setting. 

The first part of the class will include a lecture on basics of jazz theory, harmony, rhythm and improvisational techniques.  In this part we will also teach a condensed history of jazz aided by recorded examples– from the birth of jazz at the turn of the 20th century up to today.  If there are drummers in the class, Max will break off with them to teach some more drum focused history and playing techniques.  

In the second part of the class students will get to directly apply what they learn to their own instrument in a jazz combo setting with a jazz chart chosen by the instructor. Sectionals will be coached by the instructors.  For drummers and bassists there will be a “rhythm section workshop” offered as well specifically to teach how these two instruments can compliment each other.  The course will culminate in a final performance on the last day of class which features each student.

Pre-requisite recommendation: Students should have at least one year of study at the instrument in which you would like to improvise with and/or have a basic understanding and playing ability at their instrument before signing up.

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