Intro to Afro-Cuban Music on Drums and Percussion
Max Tucker
Artichoke Community Music: Classroom Back (North) (location map)
Saturday, 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
09/15/18 - 10/27/18 (7 weeks)

In this class it is my goal to introduce the students to the vast world of Afro-Cuban music as it relates to drums and percussion! I will start with a bit of history on how the music came to be, it’s evolution and it’s huge influence on the music world. Each week we will focus on different kinds of rhythms. We will listen to recorded examples, talk about them and then play as an ensemble. I’ll assign different parts to sections of the class and then we’ll alternate (think musical chairs). Afro-Cuban music is a rich and inspiring source to draw from as a drummer, so if you’re interested in rhythm this one will be fun! Rhythms covered will include: Rumba Clave (3-2, 2-3), 6/8 rhythms, Mambo, Cha Cha, and Songo. No prior knowledge of drumming is required and all equipment will be provided.