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Jelly Bean Sports Coach Performer - Coach Speedy

Sometimes we don't know who we really are until the right opportunity comes along to help us better understand.  A diamond in the rough, Coach Speedy's inner coach performer, as many of our previous Coach Performers have learned, lied dormant inside him and was anxious to get out.  Capturing the essence of both coach and performer is a challenge, in and of itself, not to mention doing it for large groups of early learners.  This requires an individual willing to go to new heights in their thinking and attitudes.  It takes a special individual, one that does not think of him or herself exclusively as one or the other.  Coach Speedy has captured the hearts and minds of many early learners and families since his start in 2017.  Real name Josue (29), he, in Jelly Bean tradition, was ask to determine his Coach Performer name and persona struggled a bit.  He took the challenge seriously and put a lot of thought into it and in the end he got the name that expresses who he is and his coaching style.   

Coach Speedy is fast.  He is also a dual language speaker (Spanish/English), just like the classic cartoon character Speedy Gonzales.  Born in Puerto Rico, his family would eventually move to Chicago, Illinois.  In high school his family relocated to Round Lake, Illinois.  One of five brothers and sisters, he is the second oldest.  With such a large family, he is no stranger to hard work and thinking collaboratively.  A great role model for young kids and adults alike.  

Coach Speedy is married and the father of two beautiful early learners of his own.  When not working at Jelly Bean Sports, he is a student.  Recently, he graduated from Lake County Community College with his associates in Physical Education.  He holds several state coaching certifications along with his Jelly Bean Coach Performer Early Learning Sports Development Certification.  He intends to continue on with his education at Judson University in 2018.    

An all-around athlete, it is Coach Speedy's charisma and patience with early learners that makes him one of the best at what he does in the Jelly Bean Sports classroom.  The leader of our Jelly Bean ES (Spanish) programs, he is a valuable asset on many levels to Jelly Bean Sports and to the families we serve.   



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