Class Descriptions

Family Music Class (for ages 1 - 5)

This is a mixed-age early childhood class for families to experience music with preschool children, ages 1 - 5. Perfect for sibling groups, but also for a grownup with a single student to interact in a playful and nurturing musical environment. This exposure-oriented class is designed to explore opportunities for developing awareness of steady beat, pitch, and rhythm through singing, movement and playing rhythm instruments.

Each student will need a set of small rhythm instruments at each class and we are requesting that these be brought from home in order to avoid shared instruments. We can order what you need, whether it be a complete set or individual instruments to add to what you may already have. You may purchase these during the registration process if needed. (You will need a wood, a metal, a shaker and a skin instrument - you will also need a scarf or similar prop for movement and a stuffed animal).

Social distancing will be required and when possible, the morning sections of this course will be taught outdoors in the Market House back lot facility. Face coverings for those over age 5 will be required when entering and leaving class and temperature checks will be implemented as well for the duration of the pandemic. Suggested adult to child ratio is one adult for no more than 2 children.  8 weeks of classes in Sept and Oct with a potential to continue the class into November indoors, depending on COVID-19 guidelines at that time. 

Limited to 5 families per class with only 1 adult per family. Maximum of 7 children allowed in the class.

Babies and Toddler Classes for Pandemic Pods

Contact us if you have a group of friends with whom you have formed a quarantine pod that would like to have a Babies and Toddlers class together. The teacher will socially distance from your pod within the class while you use the distancing and facial covering precautions that are comfortable for you. In-studio classes can be scheduled all semester, with outdoor classes available on a limited basis. Experience rhythmic musical games, lullabies, beat-keeping/bouncing songs, and movement. Designed to help parents in creating a rich musical environment both in-studio and at home, it is a springboard to stimulate daily music-making. 

For our protection and by definition, your pod needs to be a small, self-contained network of people with whom you have agreed to limit your non-distanced social interaction to one another - in other words, your small group of people are the only ones with whom you share air without using breath-control precautions such as masks. If you have a pod that fits that definition, and your children are birth to age 3, we would love to customize a class for you.

8 weekly classes per semester; Minimum class size is 4 students; Maximum 5

Families will be asked to provide their own small rhythm instruments for use in class. We can assist you in obtaining those.



Toddler Tunes

A joyful early music experience. Parents and children share in music-making with rhythms, fingerplays, active movement games, keyboard exploration and singing. 12 weeks a semester (Tuition $140) and 6 weeks in the summers (Tuition $70), 30 minutes weekly    Materials $25   

Minimum 4 students for the class to make


Music in Me/More Music in Me

A dynamic readiness program for young children (older 3s - young 5s in preschool), with the Music in Me being taught in the Fall and the More Music in Me being taught in the Spring each year.  Emphasis is on ear training, solfege singing, movement, keyboard activities, pitch and rhythm awareness.  Taught in the studio, parents are involved in class and at home.  14 weeks, 40 minutes weekly.

Social distancing will be required as will face coverings for those over age 5 when entering and leaving class; temperature checks will be implemented and sanitization protocols will be followed for the duration of the pandemic. Families will need to provide small rhythm instruments for use in class. If you choose to purchase these through us, they will be available during the registration process. 

Class size minimum is 4 students; maximum 5

Rhythm Readers

This course is designed for students ages 5 - 7 and lays a solid foundation of musical aptitude and music literacy. Songs and games introduce and reinforce the musical concepts of beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony and musical notation. Movement, improvisation and creativity are also key components with visual and written work developing as an extension of the learning. Develops coordination, concentration, and self-confidence through group singing and playing. Several scheduled options offer in-studio and online learning for delivery of classes, and more classes can be scheduled for Pandemic Pods and Homeschools - call to request a day and time for your group.

A perfect introduction to music for the early elementary age child. Parent participation is required and each student must have access to a set of instruments for class that includes a skin instrument, a wood, a metal, a shaker, and a scarf and glockenspiel. Kits are available for purchase through the studio or we can help you find instruments that you don't already have.

Social distancing will be required as will face coverings for those over age 5 when entering and leaving class; temperature checks will be implemented and sanitization protocols will be followed for the duration of the pandemic. 

Class size minimum is 4 students; maximum 5

Group Piano Classes

Piano lessons taught in groups and organized by age and ability. 

Guiding students through keyboard performance and note reading in a holistic program, including the organized development of pitch, rhythm, solfege singing, keyboard and movement activities. Emphasis is also given to developing creativity for improvisation and composing. Parent involvement in class and at home for students in the Young Musician course. Classes will be taught in-studio for 40 minutes weekly, with additional online instruction and assignments delivered in a flipped learning approach through the Musico app. 16 weeks of instruction with a built-in allowance for at least 2 of those weeks to be delivered only virtually when necessary (one in Sept/Oct in lieu of a fall break and one during the week of Thanksgiving) 

Young Musician (1st - 3rd grades when beginning lessons / a 2-year curriculum series)

Junior Piano (3rd - Teens when beginning lessons / a 2-year curriculum series)

Keyboard Musician (advanced course for those who finish the beginning series)

Social distancing will be required as will face coverings for those over age 5 when entering and leaving class; temperature checks will be implemented and sanitization protocols will be followed for the duration of the pandemic. When small rhythm instruments are used in class, families will need to provide those from home this year to cut down on shared instruments.

Teen and Adult Group Piano

It's never too late to learn to play the piano!  Teens and adults are grouped by level and experience and encouraged to explore their creativity and repertoire interests while learning the skills necessary to read music, play with musicianship, and accompany others, while also learning listening skills and gaining motivation through peer interaction. Enrollment is by the year. Tuition $320/16-week semesters. Materials are by the semester and will vary.

Minimum 4 students for the class to make

Duo Piano Lessons

A private lesson setting for two people, with an overlap of 15-20 minutes for group work.

Each student receives individualized instruction weekly to work on solo repertoire. Additional flipped learning classwork for music theory, rhythm, and technique to be completed weekly outside of the class time through the Musico app. 16 weeks of instruction with a built-in allowance for at least 2 of those weeks to be delivered virtually when necessary (one in Sept/Oct in lieu of a fall break and one during the week of Thanksgiving)

Private Piano Lessons

Private lessons for individualized instruction with options of 30 or 45 minutes of instruction delivered either in-studio or online weekly. Focus is on learning repertoire, functional music theory, and creative skills like improvising and composing. Additional assignments to be completed weekly through the Musico app. 16 weeks each semester with a built-in allowance for at least 2 of those weeks to be delivered virtually when necessary (one in Sept/Oct in lieu of a fall break and one during the week of Thanksgiving).

Guitar Lessons
Individualized instruction for beginning or advanced guitarists. Learn to play songs, basic and advanced guitar chords and strum patterns, and read chord charts. Advanced studies included guitar scales, theory, and performing various creative exercises. Singing while playing will be strongly encouraged.
Music style will primarily be Contemporary Christian and worship music, with the purpose of teaching the next generation of church musicians. Students must have a guitar to play during their lesson and to practice with at home. 
Private Guitar lessons will be 30 minutes weekly, 16 weeks per semester
Front Porch Sing-Alongs!

You stay home. . . we come to you!

What is a Front Porch Sing-Along? It is exactly what it sounds like! Singing and moving with the music in your front yard while maintaining social distancing! 20 minutes worth of songs and musical activities for $35 per class. Gather one other family with whom to share the music if you like.  Call 270-444-3669 to book your front porch session and get ready to SING-ALONG!

Mileage rates may apply for homes outside a 15 mile radius of the studio. 

Family Summer Music Membership

New for the summer of 2020 and one of the silver linings in the middle of COVID-19!!  Harmony Road's Summer Music Membership!

In order to keep you safe and yet still support families with musical activities, ideas, songs, movement, and inspiration for musical interaction while at home, Harmony Road is offering a Summer Music Membership plan, appropriate for toddlers - early elementary grades! Delivered virtually, an enrollment in the Membership will give your family access to song content, crafts, and manipulatives posted 3 times weekly in our secure portal and accessible as often as you want, starting June 15 and going through July. That's 30-40 minutes or more of content each week, including. . .

Individual Song Videos and Instrument-making tutorials - our students' favorites and a variety for all ages

Music and Movement - A collection of prerecorded videos featuring movement that excites, movement that calms, and music for exploring rhythmic responses.  Two full-length Music Together® Mixed-Age Demo classes will also be included in this category.

Sing-alongs - 15 to 20 minute videos of engaging songs and rhythm instrument play

Stories with Music - using books and stories to inspire musical instrument play and singing

Downloadable instructions for making crafts and props for songs and activities

Membership price: One time fee of $60 / family

Virtual Birthday Party for Preschoolers!

In this time of social distancing, Harmony Road can give your preschooler a fantastic party anyway!  Using a video conferencing platform for virtual interaction, a HR teacher will guide your party guests through songs and "kitchen" instrument play based around a birthday party story (like the book, "Five Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake" by Eileen Christelow).  We take care of hosting the call, inviting the guests through email, and providing suggestions for set up of the call to make the birthday experience the best it can be while remaining "safe at home!" Party times are arranged by appointment and last for 30+ minutes, so we can make sure there is time for your birthday child to visit with his/her friends!  To book a party, email us at or call 270-444-3669 and leave a message.

Party Cost - $45 for up to 12 guests

Musical S.T.E.M Piano Classes

Musical S.T.E.M is an elementary level curriculum for playing the piano alongside science, technology, engineering and math.  Each day will include a science lesson and experiment, group games and activities, as well as learning and creating piano pieces that apply S.T.E.M concepts explored that day.  For ages 7 - 12, these classes will meet for 1 hour and can be taken individually.  Note: We have used individual lessons from this curriculum as activities at birthday parties!

Tuition ranges from $20 to $100, depending upon how many individual classes you choose; includes supplies and materials

Off-site preschool classes

Classes taught at various preschools

Birthday Party

Class delivered on or off-site consisting of music activities designed around the theme of the customer's choice.  Class length to be no more than 30 minutes.  Use of studio for remaining birthday party activities is available.  No refreshments, paper goods or decorations provided.  $75 for 1 and 1/2 hours of studio use if delivered on-site.