Babies Make Music
Debbie Smith
Harmony Road Music School (location map)
Thursday, 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
02/25/21 - 05/20/21 (12 weeks)


Both the Babies Make Music and the Toddler Tunes courses are designed for families to experience rhythmic musical games, lullabies, beat-keeping/bouncing songs, singing and movement. Designed to help parents in learning how to create a rich musical environment for their babies or their toddlers, it is a springboard to stimulate daily music-making at home.  As long as pandemic safety recommendations for our community are in effect, we will continue ask that everyone practice social distancing, utilitize health/temperature checks, and adults and children ages 5 and up may need to wear facial coverings while being in close proxemity to others for longer than 15 minutes. 

Classes meet for 6 weeks each semester for 30 minutes weekly. ​Tuition is $75/semester. Min/Max: 4/7

OR. . . . Contact us if you have a group of friends with whom you have formed a quarantine pod that would like to have a class for your babies or toddlers. The teacher will socially distance from your pod within the class while you use the distancing and facial covering precautions that are comfortable for you.

For our protection and by definition, your pod needs to be a small, self-contained network of people with whom you have agreed to limit your non-distanced social interaction to one another.


Upcoming Meetings
04/15/21    9:00 AM Thursday 04/15/21 9:00 AM
04/22/21    9:00 AM Thursday 04/22/21 9:00 AM
04/29/21    9:00 AM Thursday 04/29/21 9:00 AM
05/06/21    9:00 AM Thursday 05/06/21 9:00 AM
05/13/21    9:00 AM Thursday 05/13/21 9:00 AM
05/20/21    9:00 AM Thursday 05/20/21 9:00 AM