Harmony Road Book 4
Rachel Hunt
Harmony Road Music School (location map)
Tuesday, 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
08/25/20 - 12/08/20 (16 weeks)


Piano lessons taught in groups and organized by age and ability. 

Guiding students through keyboard performance and note reading in a holistic program, including the organized development of pitch, rhythm, solfege singing, keyboard and movement activities. Emphasis is also given to developing creativity for improvisation and composing. Parent involvement in class and at home for students in the Young Musician course. Classes will be taught in-studio for 40 minutes weekly, with additional online instruction and assignments delivered in a flipped learning approach through the Musico app. 16 weeks of instruction with a built-in allowance for at least 2 of those weeks to be delivered only virtually when necessary (one in Sept/Oct in lieu of a fall break and one during the week of Thanksgiving) 

Young Musician (1st - 3rd grades when beginning lessons / a 2-year curriculum series)

Junior Piano (3rd - Teens when beginning lessons / a 2-year curriculum series)

Keyboard Musician (advanced course for those who finish the beginning series)

Social distancing will be required as will face coverings for those over age 5 when entering and leaving class; temperature checks will be implemented and sanitization protocols will be followed for the duration of the pandemic. When small rhythm instruments are used in class, families will need to provide those from home this year to cut down on shared instruments.

Upcoming Meetings
09/29/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 09/29/20 2:00 PM
10/06/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 10/06/20 2:00 PM
10/13/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 10/13/20 2:00 PM
10/20/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 10/20/20 2:00 PM
10/27/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 10/27/20 2:00 PM
11/03/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 11/03/20 2:00 PM
11/10/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 11/10/20 2:00 PM
11/17/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 11/17/20 2:00 PM
11/24/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 11/24/20 2:00 PM
12/01/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 12/01/20 2:00 PM
12/08/20    2:00 PM Tuesday 12/08/20 2:00 PM