Rhythm Readers (ages 5 - 6)
Rachel Hunt
Harmony Road Music School (location map)
Thursday, 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
09/03/20 - 12/03/20 (14 weeks)

This course is designed for students ages 5 - 6 and lays a solid foundation of musical aptitude and music literacy. Songs and games introduce and reinforce the musical concepts of beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony and musical notation. Movement, improvisation and creativity are also key components with visual and written work developing as an extension of the learning. Develops coordination, concentration, and self-confidence through group singing and playing. This course can also be scheduled for Pandemic Pods and Homeschools - call to request a day and time for your group.

A perfect introduction to music for the early elementary age child. Parent participation is required and each student must have access to a set of instruments for class that includes a skin instrument, a wood, a metal, a shaker, and a scarf and glockenspiel. Kits are available for purchase through the studio or we can help you find instruments that you don't already have.

Social distancing will be required as will face coverings for those over age 5 when entering and leaving class; temperature checks will be implemented and sanitization protocols will be followed for the duration of the pandemic. 

Tuition - $210 per semester; meets 45 minute for 14 weeks. Class size minimum is 4 students; maximum 5