Family Music Class (for ages 1 - 5)
Debbie Smith
Harmony Road Music School (location map)
Friday, 10:15 AM - 10:55 AM
09/04/20 - 10/30/20 (8 weeks)


This is a mixed-age early childhood class for families to experience music with preschool children, ages 1 - 5. Perfect for sibling groups, but also for a grownup with a single student to interact in a playful and nurturing musical environment. This exposure-oriented class is designed to explore opportunities for developing awareness of steady beat, pitch, and rhythm through singing, movement and playing rhythm instruments.

Each student will need a set of small rhythm instruments at each class and we are requesting that these be brought from home in order to avoid shared instruments. We can order what you need, whether it be a complete set or individual instruments to add to what you may already have. You may purchase these during the registration process if needed. (You will need a wood, a metal, a shaker and a skin instrument - you will also need a scarf or similar prop for movement and a stuffed animal).

Social distancing will be required and when possible, the morning sections of this course will be taught outdoors in the Market House back lot facility. Face coverings for those over age 5 will be required when entering and leaving class and temperature checks will be implemented as well for the duration of the pandemic. Suggested adult to child ratio is one adult for no more than 2 children.  8 weeks of classes in Sept and Oct with a potential to continue the class into November indoors, depending on COVID-19 guidelines at that time. 

Limited to 5 families per class with only 1 adult per family. Maximum of 7 children allowed in the class.

Upcoming Meetings
09/25/20    10:15 AM Friday 09/25/20 10:15 AM
10/02/20    10:15 AM Friday 10/02/20 10:15 AM
10/16/20    10:15 AM Friday 10/16/20 10:15 AM
10/23/20    10:15 AM Friday 10/23/20 10:15 AM
10/30/20    10:15 AM Friday (Moved from: 10/09/20) 10/30/20 10:15 AM
(Moved from: 10/09/20)