Private Piano Lessons
Rachel Hunt
Harmony Road Music School (location map)
Mon - Fri, TBA
06/15/20 - 07/24/20 (6 weeks)


Piano lessons are available in the summer for students who want to explore special projects, like composing or improvising, and for students who want to continue moving ahead through the curriculum in a private lesson setting.  During the school year, private lessons are for advanced students desiring to study traditional repertoire and prepare for solo performances.  For those who desire to participate, opportunities for competing in regional and state festivals and auditions are provided.

Upcoming Meetings
07/07/20    TBA Tuesday 07/07/20 TBA
07/08/20    TBA Wednesday 07/08/20 TBA
07/09/20    TBA Thursday 07/09/20 TBA
07/10/20    TBA Friday 07/10/20 TBA
07/13/20    TBA Monday 07/13/20 TBA
07/14/20    TBA Tuesday 07/14/20 TBA
07/15/20    TBA Wednesday 07/15/20 TBA
07/16/20    TBA Thursday 07/16/20 TBA
07/17/20    TBA Friday 07/17/20 TBA
07/20/20    TBA Monday 07/20/20 TBA
07/21/20    TBA Tuesday 07/21/20 TBA
07/22/20    TBA Wednesday 07/22/20 TBA
07/23/20    TBA Thursday 07/23/20 TBA
07/24/20    TBA Friday 07/24/20 TBA