Musical Adventure Packs / Rhythm Instruments
If registering for a class at Harmony Road, please note that materials are required for participation in the class.
This year, a set of rhythm instruments must also be brought from home as we will not be sharing these small instruments in classes. You will need 4 types of instruments: a skin (like a drum), a metal (like bells), a wood (rhythm sticks or castanet), and a shaker (like a maraca or egg shaker). You will also need a scarf or equivalent. If you need these items, we can provide an instrument kit or individual instruments for you to complete your set, and you can add them to your materials order. You do not have to acquire them through us, but you will need them in class to participate. 
Please email us if you have any questions about this policy or about which materials are needed for your class.

  May be purchased separately or as a set more...
Full set or single instruments:*
$ 35.00

  Pitched mallet instrument
$ 25.00

  A kit for exploring music at home! more...
Musical Adventure Packs:*
$ 75.00