Toddler and Parent Spanish Class (Ages 1.5-3)
Lango Certified Teacher
Boll YMCA (location map)
Saturday, 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
02/01/20 - 04/04/20 (10 weeks)

Children in this class don't sit still for long! Accompanied by parents or caregivers, these young "students" (ages 1½ to 3 years) start learning a new language through a variety of activities designed to engage their minds and bodies. Music and movement form the foundation for the classes, as the children sing simple, rhythmic songs and dance, run, spin and jump around the room! Meanwhile, our teachers work with the accompanying adults, teaching them age-appropriate games and activities so that they can reinforce learning at home. These "playclasses" are great for parents and caregivers who want to learn Spanish alongside their children!