Creativity Shell - Rochester
Home Economics/Learning Pod
Creativity Shell Rochester (location map)
Thursday, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
01/07/21 - 01/28/21 (4 weeks)


Home Economics/Art Learning Pod
At the Creativity Shell, we believe the mental health of our children is the most important. The Creativity Shell will be opening our studio in the daytime for students to come in and create with us!

Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to sew, cook, craft, build, create and think outside the box!  Students who need to log into their schools can also bring a laptop and work at the studio in a creative environment. Students in this class can also use the time to receive extra help with homework.

The Creativity Shell Kingwood Studio has been re-organized to promote social distancing for students while still giving them the ability to create at the same time.

** If you need to miss a day, we can work out another time/date with you to to make up the class.

Class Time: 8AM - 3PM
First Day of Class: September 10, 2020
Last Day of Class: October 1, 2020

Make up Classes: Please contact us to schedule
Cost: $185
Semester Length: Every Wednesday for 4 Weeks.
Materials & Supplies: Included

Important Dates: Munchkin Market is on Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 10AM - 2PM: Register for Munchkin Market

Upcoming Meetings
01/07/21    8:00 AM Thursday 01/07/21 8:00 AM
01/14/21    8:00 AM Thursday 01/14/21 8:00 AM
01/21/21    8:00 AM Thursday 01/21/21 8:00 AM
01/28/21    8:00 AM Thursday 01/28/21 8:00 AM