Creativity Shell - Rochester
Family Pajama Pants Sewing Workshop
Janet Lipp
Creativity Shell Rochester (location map)
Friday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
11/16/18 (1 day)

This holiday season, please help SEW-port the Creativity Shell by bringing your family (and friends) into our studio to sew your own custom pajama pants!  As we continue to grow as an organization, demand for our programs in shelters that rescue our students from homelessness and human trafficking is at an all-time high.  Funds raised from this holiday campaign will help us continue to offer our classes to those in need.  

Once your date is booked for a class, you will receive an email confirmation as well as some fabric choices for your family to choose for their pajamas.  Pajamas can be matching or miss matched (i.e. one leg is one color and the other is another color for the whole family).  Family members and/or friends will come into our studio for the time they are booked, and all patterns will be cut for you to be ready to sew together.  

Ages: 5+
Price: $45/Person
Materials and Supplies: Provided