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Music Together® Family Classes

Class Size: 10-12 children

Ages: Mixed ages 0-5 years

Child development researchers have found that grouping together children of varying ages fosters natural, family-style learning. Children—even babies!—are inspired and stimulated through interaction with peers of different ages: younger children watch and imitate older ones, older children lead younger ones, and adults are happy because their children are in class together. Your child will engage at their own level, vocalizing, moving, listening, observing, and exploring musical instruments. And any or all of your child's caregivers—parents, grandparents, nannies—can come share in the experience, both in class and at home. The whole family is welcome!

Big Kids Class

Class size: 5-7

Ages: 5 through 7-year olds

Your big kid is independent and will not let you forget it! Big kids have minds of their own and know what they like. Being challenged. Playing games. A class for music and learning that doesn’t talk down to them. For the record, they also know what they don’t like. “Babyish” things. Most vegetables. And sometimes you (this, too, shall pass).

We have just the thing—music classes for 5, 6, and 7-year-olds! Music Together Big Kids® challenges children to use their voice and body in new ways, exercise their leadership, and make new friends. Every class is an opportunity for more musical learning to help boost your big kid up to the next step of music development. And if you’re looking to ease your child toward formal music lessons, our music classes for big kids can help with that, too.

As a parent, you can also join in on the fun! In Big Kids classes, your attendance is always welcome, but not required.