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Creativity Cooks - Italian Foods!
Mobile/Hybrid Program (location map)
Wednesday, TBA
02/05/21 - 03/03/21 (4 weeks)

Creativity Cooks - Italian Classics!

Please have your children join us for a special 4-Week/Stay at home cooking class! All materials and supplies will be delivered to your house or drop off location each Wednesday, Thursday or Friday depending on your address.  Ingredients are usually pre-measured and your students can enjoy cooking for themselves (and sometimes the whole family) with our easy to follow directions!

Creativity Cooks will send a written recipe in your meal kit and will also feature videos that your children can follow along with.  Students who have been enrolled in our classes before will also receive new recipes!

What will the students be cooking?
We love keeping the meals a surprise for the students so you will not know what you are cooking until you receive your meal kit.  For each semester, students will learn about and cook some treats depending on the theme of the semester!  Students enrolled in this semester will be making some of our favorite Italian meals and desserts!

** Videos for this class will now be available via a private link.

Some of the skills students in this class will be working on are:
- Cooking/baking 
- Measurements and units of measurements
- Estimates
- Fractions
- Cutting with knives
- Using the stove
- Nutrition & More!

** If you have signed up for this class before, you will be receiving NEW recipies.

First Day of Class: February 5, 2021
Last Day of Class: February 26, 2021
Cost:$60/ 4 – Weeks
Materials & Supplies: Included & Delivered to your door or drop off location!

Addressing Food Scarcity: The Creativity Shell raises funds through Creativity Cooks Classes as well as from private donations and grants to offer Creativity Cooks to children in need.  The Creativity Shell will recently launched Creativity Cooks to children in local schools, shelters, the foster care system, and the juvenile justice department. 

Upcoming Meetings
03/03/21    TBA Wednesday 03/03/21 TBA