Creativity Shell HOUSTON
Storybook Camp
Creativity Shell - Kingwood (location map)
Mon - Fri, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
08/03/20 (1 week)

Storybook Camp
Storybook Camp is the perfect summer camp that gets students ready for back to school.  Students in this camp get to read and create items from some of our favorite books!  Students

Monday:The Secret Garden:  Design your own flowerpots and floral arrangements.
Tuesday:Jumanji: Create your own game!
Wednesday: Mary Poppins:Design your own magical umbrellas
Thursday: James and the Giant Peach:Create a large Peach Pillow and learn to make a fantastic peach pie!
Friday: Charlotte’s Web: We are going to have a very special friend (or two) come and visit us at camp today! Students will also get to create their own crochet spider webs and learn to cook some FAIR Foods!

Ages: 5+
Dates: August 3 - 7, 2020

Time: 10AM - 2PM
Price: $250

* Please send a water bottle and a lunch/snack with students each day.  There will be some days when we are cooking, but please send a lunch just in-case they do not eat what we cook.


Upcoming Meetings
08/03/20    10:00 AM Monday 08/03/20 10:00 AM
08/04/20    10:00 AM Tuesday 08/04/20 10:00 AM
08/05/20    10:00 AM Wednesday 08/05/20 10:00 AM
08/06/20    10:00 AM Thursday 08/06/20 10:00 AM
08/07/20    10:00 AM Friday 08/07/20 10:00 AM