Bang A Beat Family-Centred Therapies
Music Together®® Within Therapy
Elizabeth Janzen MA, MTA, NMT
Bang A Beat - South West Winnipeg (216 - 1460 Chevrier Blvd): Large Room (map and directions)
Tuesday, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
07/18/17 - 08/29/17 (7 weeks)

Music Together® Within Therapy (MTWT) allows credentialed music therapists at Bang A Beat Family-Centred Therapies to incorporate the musically rich and beautifully crafted song selections from Music Together® into small group neurologic music therapy sessions.

At Bang A Beat, we believe that all of our clients are musical beings. Music is our birthright and one of the most natural ways to express oneself. By combining the philosophies of Music Together with our extensive education and training as Neurologic Music Therapists, we can help make Music Together easily accessible to all clients regardless of ability. In our small MTWT groups (maximum 4 registered children plus siblings) families will have the opportunity to make music together with their children. 

Current MTWT Classes:

  • Social Skills Development: A strong emphasis is placed on helping group participants learn appropriate play and interaction skills.
  • Social Skills / Self-Regulation: In this class, group participants continue to expand their social interaction skills while also learning self-regulation techniques.
  • Language-Learning Through Song: A strong emphasis is placed on helping children with limited language abilities to further explore, develop and practice early language skills through singing sounds, syllables, and words.
    • parents/caregivers are required to participate
    • 60 minute class 
    • The final 15 minutes of each session are reserved for the therapist to update the parent/caregiver on what was worked on, the client's progress, and strategies and techniques that can be used outside of sessions in continuing the therapeutic process as well as completing session documentation.  A report will be completed at the end of each semester to review accomplished goals and report on client progress.