Our Program

So what can you expect from our program?

You and your child will be welcomed to each and every 45 minute class by an inviting teacher, who will be guiding you both through a journey to your chold's BMC (Basic Music Competence).

All children are musical, and it is the level of immersion or exposure, and the way that they experience music that determines the child's level of musical expression later in life. The ability to "hold a tune" or "dance to the beat" is with us at birth, and will flourish under the right conditions. We create an informal non pressuring environment, where you and your child can connect and grow together. Recent research has found that while a child benefits from listening to live music regardless of circumstances, the benefit is significantly greater in those children who feel good and have fun while doing it. Increased levels of Serotonin (think learning memory and relaxation), Norepinephrine (attention, perseverance, balanced mood) and Dopamine (alertness and motivation) have been associated with child initiated learning that forms the basis for Constructivism.

In addition to providing your family with take-home materials to support your work (CD and a colorful songbook with illustrations and instructions), classes will educate the adults in the basics of experimenting and improvising with your child and utilizing constructivism in musical learning. Experimentation and innovation is at the heart of all music. In class you will have the opportunity to be silly, imperfect, brave and organic, while learning about what makes up a song, how to encourage tonal and rhythmic development in your child and much more.

Our 12 Collections are designed to provide continuity for your journey for the families that remain with us through the first 4 years of their child's life. However, every collection contains the elements necessary to spark your child's interest, encourage their creativity and get them excited about coming to class every week. Utilizing professional recordings featuring children singing will ensure your little ones are inspired to test out their own voices.