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Chestnut Hill at Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill

8855 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118


Free parking is available in the back of the church. Please park as far back in the lot as possible. The front spaces are designated for our elders. It is not a far stroll at all to the room we are in. Once parked in the back, take the center path through the garden, up the steps, through the doors on the right, and we are in that room. See you soon!


NOTICE: There is temporary construction at the church. Our usual way to get to the chapel is blocked off. Simply go in the back door all the way to the left of church, down the hall to the right, then a left to the end of the hall. Take the staircase on the right to the top. You'll see a door at the top. Go out that door, and the chapel is directly across the walk there. We are right in the Chapel.

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