Amy's 3s/4s
Amy Olin
Virtual classes (location info)
Thursday, 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
01/14/21 - 03/18/21 (10 weeks)


Please note, that as each child is unique, this is a general guideline of ages. Speak to our experienced staff if you have a question as to which class will be best for your child.

Mommies and caregivers wait outside!* At this age, most children are ready to increase their independence. We have a gentle approach to separation, and if the child is not ready, parents sit in the room as needed. In this class, we get into more musical notation. We begin to develop the use of musical notes, and music vocabulary. Imaginary music play is one of our favorite ways of getting 3’s and 4’s to broaden their musical horizons as they begin to learn that musicians play and sing together in ensemble. Learning how to be a conductor, acting out songs, learning simple dances, are some of their favorite activities. Solo singing, echo singing and group singing are all encouraged, to develop good pitch and vocal skills. So come join the fun as we continue to foster your child’s musical education! *Parents and caregivers are required to remain in the building.

Upcoming Meetings
01/21/21    1:00 PM Thursday 01/21/21 1:00 PM
01/28/21    1:00 PM Thursday 01/28/21 1:00 PM
02/04/21    1:00 PM Thursday 02/04/21 1:00 PM
02/11/21    1:00 PM Thursday 02/11/21 1:00 PM
02/18/21    1:00 PM Thursday 02/18/21 1:00 PM
02/25/21    1:00 PM Thursday 02/25/21 1:00 PM
03/04/21    1:00 PM Thursday 03/04/21 1:00 PM
03/11/21    1:00 PM Thursday 03/11/21 1:00 PM
03/18/21    1:00 PM Thursday 03/18/21 1:00 PM