Babies through young 1s
Amy Olin
Emanuel Lutheran Church - Pleasantville (location map)
Thursday, 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM
09/19/19 - 12/12/19 (12 weeks)

Please note, that as each child is unique, this is a general guideline of ages. Speak to our experienced staff if you have a question as to which class will be best for your child.

Come and learn delightful musical ways to play with your baby, make friends, and nurture your baby's sensory development and natural musicianship. Babies love the gentle bouncing, instrument and prop play, peek-a-boo games and tickling rhymes included in our specialized 45-minute class. Live music accompanies our games and activities, keeping baby's attention while encouraging social interaction, language development and awareness. Smiles, giggles and coos are heard even from our youngest babies as they begin to recognize and anticipate meter, pitch and tempo changes in our songs. Our rhymes and chants are designed to stimulate and mimic the sounds babies naturally produce at this age and encourage them to produce new sounds. This class will be inclusive of children who have already turned 1, but are not yet ready to transition to the 1s program.