Early Childhood Music School
Adult Curriculum

Keyboard Adult 1 18+ Years

Adult Level 1 group piano (using keyboards) is for true beginners or "really rusty returnees." Intended as recreational piano playing, the class is non-stressful and rewarding.

Keyboard Adult 2 18+ Years

Adult Level 2 group piano is for upper beginners who have had at least one year of either group piano or private lessons. The group setting encourages community building and ensemble playing in a stress-free environment.

Keyboard Adult 3 18+ Years

Adult Level 3 group piano is for adults of intermediate ability who want to increase their keyboard facility, refine their technique and expand their understanding of music theory.

Keyboard Adult 4 18+ Years

Adult Level 4 group piano is for players of upper intermediate to advanced ability who enjoy playing duets in ensemble and experiencing a variety of repertoire from Classical to Jazz styles.

Guitar Adult 1 18+ Years

Adult Guitar 1 is a new edition to the ECMS adult classes. This curriculum will use traditional beginner guitar methods from various published sources. Intended as recreational guitar playing, the classes are stress free, supportive and rewarding. Each guitar student will need their own guitar to bring to class.