Terms and Conditions
Hive Membership Ts and Cs
  • Hive members stay enrolled indefinitely until a cancellation notice is received.
  • Cancellation notices must be received 30 days or more prior to the next monthly payment.
  • Send your cancellation notice from the client portal.
  • Memberships can be paused for a month once in every 6 month period for a holding fee of $15.
  • Your Membership fee is charged monthly. Your card will be charged on the 10th of every month.

Make-up Policy for Members

  • Unlimited makeup within your class type that you are enrolled in are offered subject to availability, and ONLY during the period when you are enrolled in a class.
  • For membership cancellations, makeups are NOT available after your last date of paid classes. 
  • Missed classes must be notified in our client portal, giving at least 8 hour notice where possible.
  • Makeups can only be booked online via the client portal.
  • Makeups are transferable within your family
  • Makeup classes are NOT offered for private lessons unless you are able to make arrangements directly with your teacher.
  • Missed Make-up classes cannot be rescheduled, due to limited spaces.
  • If Hive cancels a class, your class will either be rescheduled or you will be offered a makeup class.
  • There will be no refunds or credits given under any circumstances EXCEPT for private lessons (Just Me Bees); a refund or credit will be given to students ONLY if Hive cancels a class and the student is unable to do a rescheduled or makeup class.

Membership Payment:

You agree to the following terms and conditions as a Hive Member:

  • For the applicable fees to be charged to your nominated Visa or Mastercard on the 10th of each month, every month indefinitely until you notify us to stop.
  • That the payment schedule can only by stopped with 30 days written notice prior to the next payment date.
  • To ensure there are sufficient funds in your account & to update your card details with us when necessary, before the scheduled payment date.
  • For failed transactions, we will attempt to debit your card for 3 consecutive days. You will receive an automated notification email for every failed attempt. If you have not updated your card details or supplied funds by the 3rd day, a $20 administration fee will be applied to your account and collected as soon as sufficient funds are available.
  • After one week, your enrolment is suspended until payment can be collected.
  • That unpaid amounts will be referred to our debt collection agency after 1 month of non payment, and an additional $30 administration fee will be charged and you will bear the cost of debt collection fees.  Future membership at Hive will be refused, however enrolments will be accepted on a prepaid basis, once outstanding debts and fees are paid in full.
  • We reserve the right to review member fees when required.
  • In line with our refund policy (below), Hive Membership payments are non-refundable, and no refunds or credits are given under any circumstances.


Terms & Conditions for Non-Members

  • Fees are charged by the 10 week term only and are due in full at time of enrolment
  • Fees are higher for non-members due to higher administration costs associated with term-by term bookings
  • You can change your enrolment or class time any time during the term at a charge of $10 per change.
  • 2 makeups are allowed within the term of enrolment.
  • Makeups must be used within the term of enrolment.
  • Makeups can only be booked within your child's specific class type only. If no other classes exist, no makeups apply.
  • In line with our refund policy (below), Non-Member enrolments are non-refundable, and you are unable to cancel your enrolment. No refunds or credits given under any circumstances.
  • If Hive cancels a class, your class will either be rescheduled or you will be offered a makeup class. There will be no refunds or cancellations offere


Class Policies for 0-3 year old Music:

  • Classes where parents or carers attend with a child
  • Only 1 parent or carer may attend class per child.
  • In the case of 3 children attending the same class, 2 parents or carers must attend class.
  • Bullying and harassment of staff or clients is not tolerated at Hive either on our premises or by phone contact. We reserve the right to terminate your enrolment immediately if our staff or other clients feel threatened or bullied.
  • Please follow our code of conduct which is printed and visible on our classroom walls. Children who are not able to restrain themselves or be restrained from hurting other children must be removed from the classroom. If the behaviour continues on a regular basis we reserve the right to terminate your enrolment immediately. 

Class Policies for 4 - 16 year olds:

  • All classes for children age 4 years old and up are 'drop off' classes. Parents are encouraged to wait in the foyer/waiting room.
  • If your child has any additional needs, our staff must be informed and the parent must remain onsite and within earshot of the classroom and be willing and able to assist where necessary.
  • Your child must not be left unattended before or after class. It is your responsiblity to walk your child to their class to ensure the go to the correct room, and to meet them after class to ensure they are not unattended when class has finished. 
  • Please ensure your child is picked up on time. Calling us during your child's class to say you are running late does not help, as the teacher does not have their phone turned on during class and cannot receive your message.

Class Dojo

When you enrol at Hive Creative Studios, you give us permission to take photos and videos of your child in class, for viewing on Class Dojo. Only parents or guardians with children enrolled in the class can view the class photos and videos. When you leave the class, your access is removed.


Social Media and Media Photo Release

Photos and videos may be used on our public social media page and in social media advertisements and for Hive Creative Studios. Photos and videos may also be used on our blog or website. Photos may be used in printed form on our newsletters, brochures or signage. We do not sell any photos or videos to third parties or distribute photos or videos.

If you do not wish for photos of your child to be used for these purposes, please email info@hivekids.com.au. Otherwise your permission is given upon enrolling online or upon accepting our terms and conditions when enrolling via the office.


Updates to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to review and update our Terms and Conditions as required.



The below terms and conditions relate only to Holiday Class and Event enrolments, not to term-based class enrolments:

  • Holiday classes must be paid in full at the time of enrolment.
  • Monthly payments do not apply to holiday classes or events, these classes are paid in full at the time of enrolment.
  • You do not become a Hive Member when you enrol in a Holiday Class
  • Holiday classes are not included in our makeup policy.
  • Holiday classes are non-refundable, and there are no refunds or credits given under any circumstances.
  • If Hive cancels a class, your class will either be rescheduled or you will be offered a makeup class. There will be no refunds or cancellations given under any circumstances.

Refund Policy for all classes:

In accordance with consumer law, Hive does not provide refunds if:

  • you change your mind
  • your schedule changes
  • you make the wrong decision
  • you miss a class 
  • you do not fit in all your make-up classes.

If our services have been wrongly described or are cancelled by us you will be offered a refund, class exchange or credit.