Music for SF
Terms and Conditions

Music for SF Agreement to Participate with Consent and Waiver of Liability: I, the minor child’s parent/guardian with legal responsibility for the child or children I am now registering assume full responsibility for said child (children) at all times before, during, and after participating in a Music for Aardvarks class offered by Music for SF in San Francisco, CA. I fully accept this program involves music and movement with both children and adults and I am responsible for intervening if my child is acting in a way in which s/he can physically hurt himself or another participant before, during, and after class. I, the minor child’s parent/guardian agree Music for SF and affiliated companies, representatives, instructors, musicians, owners and lessors of the premises are not responsible for any injury (or loss of property) to any person suffered while in any way involved in Music for SF activities for any reason whatsoever.

Parent participation in class is expected. Out of respect to fellow class participants, instructors, and children, adult conversations must be kept to a minimum and focus must be on the children. Food of any kind is not permitted in the classroom. Three make-up classes are allowed per semester. Make-up requests must be done in advance using the makeup scheduler on Music for SF reserves the right to cancel or change a class day and/or time, and to conduct classes with only a single teacher if necessary. Each family is allowed one single-use free trial class. On behalf of myself and that of my minor child for which I am the parent or guardian, I give Music for SF or its designee the irrevocable right to take and use my and my child’s picture, likeness, photograph in all forms and media and for any advertising, promotional, internet (website and Facebook), and publicity purposes. I waive any rights I may have in connection with any use of the material, including any right to inspect or approve the finished use, including any written copy that may be created in connection with such use.